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 Yelp allows users to personalize their search results based on diet, lifestyle, and accessibility.

Users can customize profiles to define settings. Only sites that meet your specific needs will appear in search results.

For the first time, Yelp lets users customize search results other than location.

In addition to diet, lifestyle, and accessibility, users can define other interests in their profile, such as food type, favourite attractions, and most popular Business types.

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When you search with the match option, the tag is automatically added to the list to select the entire condition.

The new Yelp “For You” setting option can be turned on and off anytime. Therefore, if users want to see all the search results, they can do so easily.

According to Yelp, user information is only used to configure their applications. In other words, according to the company, it is not sold to advertisers.

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Yelp stated that, unlike Google, algorithms do not produce customized search results. Everything is under the control of each user.

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At the same time, these changes are part of Yelp’s efforts to expand its diet. EOS users are launching custom options, and Android will launch later this year.

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