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App and Website Measurement: Google to Bring Together in Google Analytics
 Google is making it easier and uncomplicated to weigh users’ interactions across platforms with the linked-up app and website measurement.

Companies need to use several products to measure the application’s interaction with the site: Google Analytics for Firebase and Google Analytics Standard.

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To simplify the process of measuring the involvement of websites and applications, Google has introduced a new type of attribute.

App + Web Property Type

The new attribute type app + Web allows companies to combine applications and web data into one report.

“The reports in this new attribute use a consistent set of metrics and dimensions to view reports integrated into the application and the Internet, which is outstanding. Now you can answer the following question: which marketing channels responsible for getting the most on different platforms? Many users? “

You can also use this attribute to see, for example, the number of users running in your application and then purchase on your site.

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Data and Analysis – App and Website Measurement

Companies can measure custom events in App + Web Properties without additional coding.

The new attribute type uses a more flexible event-based model to collect various user interactions.

Event-based measurement models automatically mark events on the site manually.

Advanced measurement functions allow you to measure global web events, such as multiple events, uploads, video views, and more.

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Finally, a new analysis module allows you to view data without being limited to pre-defined reports.

Various analytical methods include:

Exploration: drag and drop essential variables onto the canvas to see live visualizations.

Funnels: identify the steps that lead to conversions and how users move through the sequence.

Path Analysis: Understand what users do between sequence stages to explain why users convert.

The new unified Media Apps + network will provide beta versions of all analytics accounts in the coming weeks.

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