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 Google has stated that Google Assistant is coming to DISH TV. This flesh out the reach of Google Assistant. Now owners of DISH Hopper DVR devices can chew over to their remote controller and make access to everything Big Assistant provides.

With DISH TV’s Google Assistant, users can now control smart home devices, find local business phone numbers, and quickly navigate DISH entertainment content.

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Google Assistant and Voice Search Grow in Importance

This development marks a significant step forward in the early stages of voice search. Google has recently announced a full update of Google Cars, which is integrated with the Auto-Google Assistant. The use of DISH is another sign that Google’s helpers should be an essential factor for online publishers.

Google relies increasingly on structured data from to help you manage your information. As voice search becomes ubiquitous, structured data such. For example, structured data attributes (currently used in Google tests) are more critical. This highlights the need to immediately review and integrate structured data rather than update it later.

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Google Assistant and Voice Remote Integration

The Google Assistant can be used with the DISH TV Voice Console.

According to Google’s official statement, with DISH TV + Big G Assistant, you can:

  • Find entertainment
  • Control smart home devices
  • Manage tasks
  • Get answers

Manage Tasks with DISH TV

Google Assistant for DISH TV can access your calendar, add items to your grocery list, and provide traffic information.

Answer from Google Assistant on DISH TV

This part of the ad directly affects online publishers. Dish TV users can now retrieve local search information. The following is the explanation of the official statement:

Ask the assistant to ask questions and check the answers on the TV screen. Get the content you are watching and the answers to your favorite shows, characters, and actors. You can also get information about local businesses, flight information, and match results. Information: For example, is “Pizza Close” now open? What does “O” mean in baseball games? “

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Customers who do not have a voice remote control can use the free remote control if they are authorized to do so. The Big G Assistant for DISH TV focuses on a large user base.


This message highlights the importance of voice search for online publishers. Whether it’s a local business, advertising, e-commerce, or a news agency-based website, it’s essential to understand how voice search works for your business. This means integrating structured data into JSON-LD, Google’s preferred design for structured data.

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