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Google Ads: Now It’s Easier to Manage Multiple Accounts
 App ads will appear in more places across Google’s network as the app ads are expanded to the Discover feed and YouTube.

Ad placement options in applications include search results from Google, Play Store, YouTube, and more than 3 million websites and apps.

Below is additional information on new investment options.

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Google Discover

US campaign applications UU. They automatically reach users who may be interested in your application.

Discover Ads will also launch in Malaysia, South Africa, India, Pakistan, Canada, Brazil, Japan, and Indonesia in the coming months.

Google estimates that discover app ads will be available in all markets by the end of this year.

Discover now has more than 800 million active users per month.

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YouTube – App Ads

Advertising applications can now be the first option for YouTube mobile search results. Starting next month, ads will appear when users watch videos on YouTube.

These ads are called video streaming ads: they are videos you can skip and play before, during, or after the video.

In addition to these updates, Google briefly stated that it is exploring alternatives that allow applications to show ads when downloading content.

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“Our new ad-based advertising format allows users to show ads while waiting for the application to load. This format is designed to integrate seamlessly with the brand of your request, giving you a new way to generate revenue while creating an excellent user experience. Contact your account manager to start using this format in Alpha 

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