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Android Auto: Google Releasing an Updates
 A new, previously stated interface for Android Auto (automobiles) is releasing. As Android Auto is famous, more and more local search site visitors might be visiting from autos.

Although Android Auto is primarily application-oriented, it may still result in broader adoption and an increase in the number of calls and access to businesses associated with local search.

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New App Launcher

The Android Auto interface includes a new app starter that lists the most commonly used apps.

If you enable a media player such as Spotify, playback starts where you left off.

A new navigation bar at the bottom of the screen lets you manage multimedia applications such as Spotify while using the Maps application.

The new Android has a dark mode that makes it easier to read fonts. Android focuses mainly on applications. However, local search companies can benefit as more and more drivers ask Google to let you know where the restaurant or other nearby businesses are located.

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This may mean that implementing structured JSON LD data becomes more important and allows a proper local search for existence.

Some Android Auto features will be included in the Driving Mode of the regular Google Smart Assistant mobile device, but not now.

According to an Official Google Statement:

“These updates are not displayed on the Android screen. We will update the Android screen interface so that we can control our future. “

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