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 With dark mode preference, Google has declared support for the prefers-colour-scheme media query. This means Chrome will show web pages with dark mode colour schemes if the people specify a partiality for dark mode. This change gets started in Chrome 76.

As of Chrome 76, web developers can now show Chrome visitors a dark version when a user sets it as the default viewing option.

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Dark Mode is an Opportunity

In dark mode, users can navigate websites in dark environments. By creating a dark version of your site, you can provide those users with your content in a way that suits their needs. This is good for publishers because it keeps users satisfied and stays on your site for longer.

Some forum themes and WordPress themes offer alternate stylesheets in the dark. However, you should update it for readability.

An article on lists some of the options that you can consider. For example, there is a way to darken images with CSS to look better in the dark.

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Dark Mode and Accessibility

The dark mode responds to accessibility issues. Some visually impaired people can read coloured pages more efficiently. Others use dark mode because it reduces the size of the eye.

Browser Compatible with Dark Mode Settings

According to the Mozilla browser compatibility page for the preferred colour scheme, many significant browsers now support dark mode.


  • Chrome76
  • Firefox67
  • Safari12.1.

Mobile Phone

  • Android76 review
  • Chrome76 for Android
  • Firefox for Android 67
  • Safari on iOS 13

Microsoft Edge and Explorer plus Opera currently do not support dark mode for desktops. Opera for Android does not support the deep state of Android mobile devices.

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According to Google:

“Many operating systems now support Dark Mode or themes.

With the color scheme set by the multimedia request, you can customize the appearance of your site based on your preferred location.

@media(prefers-color-scheme: dark) {

body {

background-color: black;

color: white;



Google Hardware Design Page

Google provides a hardware design page that describes the principles of dark-state design. In this document, they contain the:

“The following features define the dark theme of the material design:

Contrast: The contrast between a dark surface and 100% white text is at least 15.8: 1.

Depth: At high altitudes, the component expresses the depth and displays a lighter surface colour

Desaturation: Primary colors are not saturated, so they are at least 4.5: 1 (if used with text) for all recommended web content accessibility levels (WCAG). Height.

Limited color: Large areas use dark areas of limited color (bright, unsaturated bright colors, vibrant colors)

As you can see, the dark theme is more than just a color version: black turns white and white becomes black. Choose a lower contrast for text readability.

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Should I Go into the Dark Mode?

There are many reasons to add a dark version of a website. Displaying your site in the dark by users is helpful to users and also for your website and its satisfaction results.

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