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Here are 3 simple techniques to develop grit with meditation. Listening to Angela Lee Duckworth’s wonderful TED talk on “Grit: The power of passion and perseverance”, I was reminded of my own workshops on increasing creativity and determination.

Ms Duckworth explained that, in any case, the best indication of success is “grit”, which is rapidly promoted as a “growth mindset” for large technology companies.

I discovered that the best way to promote and maintain a long-term mentality is through the creation and ability of daily recovery.

Creates its love for creative learning of new things, strengthens flexible personal strength and volunteers to face challenges.

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Awakening the Creativity Centre

The creative center diaphragm is three inches below. We are here to meet our passions, dreams, hearts, and abilities.

It determines our self-confidence and the ability to be open and friendly and try new things with others.

When the creative center is balanced, we will show tolerance, positive perspective and better behavior.

We use creative energy when cooking, cooking or painting. When we look at the Art Museum or study the biography of encouragement, we ruin our creativity.

Every time we try something new, we use creative energy, even if we take different ways to go home.

We are all creative people. As children, we make coolers, paint or beautiful shapes.

We used to sing or dance in wish.

But in this process, some of us have become less creative due to social or economic pressure. We get tired and teach new things or create them.

The good news is that we can do our ideas with simple techniques to help them open more and more.

Meditative Technique 1: Alternate Nostril Breathing

“As soon as the brain’s activity affects breathing, breathing affects our mental condition too.” ~ T.K.V Desikachar

“NadiShodhana” refers to an alternate nostril breathing technique. Every time I concentrate, I worry about new projects or know new areas, and I will use this technique to enhance my thinking.

  1. To follow this technique, I have the following three steps:
  2. I closed the right hand with the first two fingers of my right hand.
  3. I will breathe and increase it 8 to 10 times by left squeezing.

Then, close the left-hand chicken with the fourth two fingers of the left hand.

Usually, I’ll do it again 2-4 times; both sides are in the direction.

Traditional weekends or daily, “streamlined” often open the aspects of creativity and open new possibilities.

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Meditative Technique 2: The Moon-Energy Meditation 

Moon is a powerful sign that reminds us of continuous changes. When I had left the mistakes in the past and had to accept the transition, I found out that this symbolic meaning was especially powerful.

This meditation is very effective while exercising every night with a glamorous cycle.

  1. I found a comfortable seat near the window. I saw the moon. I sat on high heels and looked at them.
  2. When I close my eyes, I draw across to myself. The cross is a meeting filled with hopes and dreams, and I will choose the right path.
  3. Slow your eyes slowly and speed up your breath. I went in. I want to relate to the creativity associated with the purpose and personal power. After opening the orange, it often springs from the bottom of the spinal to the diaphragm in the area behind the groove.
  4. Continue to breathe deep for a few minutes, and consider the following words before I come back around you.

“I think I can follow my dreams; I can improve any situation; I publish ideas that are no longer useful.”

This great meditation reminds me of continuous time in the universe; I also play soft, sitting or sitting near Fountain.

When I need to improve the effect, I also make yoga poses like Triangle, Dancer, or Gate.

It is important to remember that compatibility is only sometimes the answer.

Sometimes realize that I have to use my energy to move from the present context to the current energy, which has a new environment where I can understand my real potential. To do so, I use the fire respiratory meditation below.

Find Your Strength

The energy center for personal energy is located near the solar system. It controls self-esteem and determination and allows change.

When the center of power is in balance, we are filled with confidence, have a great feeling of purpose, and are full of encouragement.

When we are unsatisfactory, we do not lack self-esteem and are difficult to decide. We may have a problem with anger or control. These behavioral features can prevent us from focusing on long-term or full capacity.

Vessels and warriors are ideal for increasing personal strength. At the end of my hard work, I use breathing meditation to charge and continue family time or to start concentrating on a busy day.

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Meditative Technique 3: The Breath of Fire

Before starting this meditation, I usually need to strengthen my heart.

When I return to this meditation after a while, it usually takes a few weeks to complete the exercise (three to five minutes of meditation in many dynamic breaths per second).

I started the lights of my favorite. Using candle heat, I raised and expanded my tailbone and my heart.

  1. When I cooled my nose, I stretched my lungs and imagined that the stomach cavity was filled with air.
  2. When I poison, I drawback the stomach muscles and throw the lungs and nose in the air. Breathing is loud and sharp, like sea rays.
  3. Every time it starts breathing in 30 seconds, I slowly start locks and again 10 times. I tried to retain the duration of the presentation and the end.

After the meditation, I often stopped and still stayed, thinking that the recent experience was not being cured. By considering my intentions for the future and my point of view, I think of the following sentences:

“I claim my power and am responsible for all aspects of my life; my motivation has allowed me to reach my goals, my skills overcome me with all the challenges and achieve great results. “Allowed”

Or, I repeatedly repeated the “Ram” sound of the Power Centre.

Fire breath is an ancient audio technology with great advantages. It can be commonly used in modern yoga so that they have a purifying pattern to start feeling powerful and transformational.

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Result – Develop Grit with Meditation

When I am in a new role or project that leaves my comfort zone, I will enter these techniques in the morning or night.

More importantly, I will do fun and creative activities every day.

By letting me do what I like, I again repeat my passion and focus my strength on the most important things for a long time.

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