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15 Essential Features for Ecommerce Websites
 All websites are unique in their way. We’ve seen trends in designing ecommerce websites such as animation, product preview in 360 degrees, smart filtering, and productive search.

However, trends do not guarantee a conversion rate or substantial user experience. The e-commerce website must be mandatory and competitive.

Below is a list of 15 basic features that attract online buyers.

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  1. User-Friendly

This K.I.S.S. adage is that the former substance comes from keeping it simple.

It would help if you had a useful design purpose of simplicity; you do not need to sacrifice beauty to get it.

Research shows that 76per cent of the users believe that the most crucial feature of this site is that it is easy to use.

The goal is that customers want fast without exceptional complexity that can stop buying.

Sellers online sell in a few minutes or even seconds. Focus on user experience by submitting purchase categories, filters, and comparison functions.

To make your ecommerce websites more comfortable to use, consider the following:

  • Use Autonomous Option (like Commander) to improve your search:
  • Create visual navigation that is as effective as Stanley’s.
  • Pre-populate forms like Target:

E-commerce sites should be a competitive advantage instead of a troublesome experience.

  1. Mobile-Friendly Website

Mobile purchase offers 50%of online transactions.

With a responsive website, this content can connect to any device that can access it and provides the most user-friendly experience.

Walmart increased its sales by 98% after improving its mobile sales.

The intellectuals have made a better mobile shopping experience; mobile transactions have increased by 16 per cent.

It does not matter if you have millions of product pages or five product pages.

According to your customers, a mobile experience will increase sales and your ranking.

  1. High-Resolution Photos and Videos

There is no time to post pictures with some widgets and price tags.

Users have to view multiple angles and use the product in different environments. They want to be able to see and understand the product.

Image ideas are important. According to Adobe, the carrier rate is not being loaded for photos or is up to 39% for a long time.

We do not just talk about professional pictures. The Vienna planet discovered that concert images could increase purchases by 24% on their product page.


Sell ​​the picture instead of the image.

Show many photos per product of ecommerce websites. Images should be high resolution and should optimize for the loading of pages.

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  1. User-Generated Reviews – Ecommerce Websites

Read buyers’ comments — 95 % of them.

57% of consumers can use it with more than four stars.

You probably think negative reviews are killers of sales. The contrary is true.

Negative comments are often positive. The results show that negative diagnostics are reviewed without the product, and buyers believe positive diagnoses must be corrected.

Depending on site capabilities, ecommerce websites can use additional usage for popular rating platforms, such as Yelp, Foursquare, and Facebook.

State-of-the-art commerce sites, such as pioneer pedal boards, use social comments as consumer content to strengthen social networks and encourage enthusiasts.

  1. Special Offer

Most e-commerce websites offer special offers in their standard marketing methods via email, social networks, text etc.

Great ecommerce websites use unique attributes listed in the title to promote special offers.


When buyers feel they have special offers, they will encourage to buy more and spend more time searching for the site.

If an e-commerce site uses a current promotion, it provides a single page that lists transactions that produce more sales and improves search engine optimization.

Consider the customer you are looking for [ZIP Code + Toyota Special] and the value of this organic search results.

  1. Wish Lists

Oh, I like the so-called list. One for fashion, reading books and one for gifts for holidays.

Buy, Save and Share!

The e-commerce websites do not use the desired lists and generate income on virtual desktop tables.

What is better than future customers that can buy in the future? It’s gold in your pocket. And this is the dream of the demo activities.

You have to write from Amazon.

Retailers create their customization options.

In this web tent, Brandon Wizard explained that these rates get up to 80% in opening rates, and shopping output is 5 to 10 times higher.

It is also an opportunity to share the brand with new buyers. When buyers share their wish list with their family and friends, they are sent to the free traffic site with built-in social credentials.

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  1. Find-in-Store

Not all physical ecommerce sites have physical stores — however, those with search functions in the store.

Sometimes you do not want to wait to send the items. You want to see it soon.

Buyers only get online to check them and then complete their purchase. It is especially a case which is often searched online before being purchased at the store.

The local store is very useful for seeing inventory products.

  1. Related Items

Just look at the phrase “You Can Like It” that coincides with the cinematography release, censoring and encouraging signals.

The “Related Articles” feature on the ecommerce site features the ideal college effect that many marketers want.

It seems:

You have stored your Aero Press coffee machine in your Shopping Cart.

There is a part that says: “You might like it”.

Do you want the latest and fair trade of full coffee beans?

Can coffee be enough to use the digital scale to measure fine powder?

Your photo is

When a seller uses an item with more features online, he tells his buyer in “Understanding”.

Article partners can include product categories like three products, “the buyers of this project are still trying,” etc.

  1. Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Involved buyers buy trust and detailed information while facing products online and meeting.

Fine Watch Bank (Displays: They Are Customers) Sells well-designed high-end watches.

Company buyers must confirm the authenticity of the clock and the detailed information about the product when they feel comfortable.

The Department of Additional Information often verifies the information that establishes credibility and provides trust with the buyer.

The General F.A.Q. The section provides self-service services to resolve customer issues. Often buyers pray for help, return lost accounts, passwords etc.

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  1. Social Proof

Brand and online marketers connected to the level associated with the buyers can build trust and defend the brand.

Social relations are incredible, and connecting with the audience is far more comfortable than ever.

There is an essential function to change the online profiles in social profiles on e-commerce websites and a brand associated with the user’s creative content.

Customers are “Buy Continuous” and “Continuous Regarding Getting It.” These brands have established social relations with their customers and created a life for their customers. Those products can help others, and they interest people.

Allows social media e-commerce brands to demonstrate their integrity and attach them to their emotional connection.

  • Check out the Nike account on Pinterest how the significant effect of adding a product with an animated image.
  • Learn how IKEA uses the creative content of users to share design ideas and encourage them to use their products.
  • Learn how to describe Lowe videos that explain how to use this product.
  1. Security Features

Online trade is an integral part of our lives.

Therefore, E-commerce websites can become a worthwhile goal for cyber channels. Online providers need to take measures to protect customer information and maintain confidentiality.

It all starts with a secure e-commerce platform.

With advanced security features, there is no doubt that Magento is the two best platforms for WordPress and Woo Commerce online providers.

Other-commerce security features include considering:

  • SSL Certificate: Establish a secure connection between the user and the website. By providing information to the online store, find HTTPS and green locks in the address bar. Provide an SSL certificate with name recognition. Almost always use electronic teeth to treat teeth.
  • Validation of two factors: Add a level of security when a code is generated by a user name/password and email or text sent via text.
  • Use fire-flow: Provide gates or walls between two networks to prevent authorized and unusual traffic.
  • Privacy policy links in the footer: Follow the site’s privacy policy and promise not to share customer data with third parties.
  1. Advanced Payment Options – Ecommerce websites

In the world of Apple Pay and PayPal, the advanced payment option is the primary feature of E-commerce sites.

Think of the ease of use associated with a click-click on Amazon. Buyers with registered accounts can buy with one click on the mouse.

There are lots of online payment options. The key is understanding who the buyer is and applying the most effective solution.

If your site limits the payment options, make sure why.

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For example, an e-commerce website can only offer a bitterly paid option if its value is reliable.

If the buyer is a technical expert and helps to use this payment method, then it is essential to know why this is not an option. This transparency shows that the brand understands its buyers and produces confidence.

  1. Detailed Shipping Information

Concerns that unplanned expenses are the main reason for leaving the shopping cars.

Thee-commerce website includes shipping information at the beginning of the order process, including the postal code calculator, indicating the rate.

It’s also useful to add delivery time and options for faster delivery. The website should include the countries/territories outside the general shipping area.

Interestingly, when it comes to free shipping, the buyer’s order price will increase by 30%. Send a free shipping code to all web pages by title navigation (if available).

  1. Multi-Touchpoint Contact Page

When it comes to managing ecommerce websites, more and more companies do online business, which is only as reliable as preview and preview contact features. It’s exceptionally accurate when selling products or technology products.

Make sure to contact buyers or ask for help.

Consider the contact page as a feature of the site. It includes various contact options, including telephone, email and online forms.

Some companies with which physical stores offer online dating through their contact pages. Add social links to your customer service and Google Maps to your places.

  1. Return Policy – Ecommerce websites

The return policy is a crucial feature of any e-commerce site.

Your return policy is visible, well written or defined.

This is the second feature of online sales that builds confidence. It gives brain protection to buyers; if they are unsatisfied or need different sizes, the brand is there.

Start Creating Fantastic Shopping Experiences

Ecommerce websites’ basic tasks can divide into Duh, DOH and other fields. And yes, marketers and web designers can say: Integration, high-resolution photos, security features and contact information are easy to use because they are the right ways and brands well.

Others, “DOH!” They will say, while considering special offers, share comments and social networks generated by users. They know these features should be used but have yet to implement them. It will never be late!

Finally, the “ah” moment expressed interest in planning plans, wish lists and search capabilities of the internal store-related articles.

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What type are you, providing unique opportunities to e-commerce sites that combine proven performance with new and advanced elements to make the best shopping experience?

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