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 SEO vs. PPC. For years, people in this industry debated the merits of paid search advertising versus organic search marketing.

Which was better?

Where would you get resources?

I thought we resolved this problem a long time ago:

You need both!

But recently, some of my clients mentioned this problem.

This result may not appear if you do not participate in the initial discussion.

So, I use this article to display some forgetting facts in the reference discussion on the PPC.

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  1. Paid Search Can’t Replace Organic (& Vice Versa)

Payment search and search engine marketing are different animals.

No other can change

Each has its strength and weakness.

For example, finding a lot of traffic for your website is very effective.

Here are the classic PPC scenes: Users do not know anything about your brand. They’re looking to buy their products.

Your ad will appear at the top of the search results page. What do users think about clicking on your ad?

Doing so will make them more familiar with your brand and conversion process.

Can you do biological research? Probably

Even the best natural search results will not be shown at the top of the page.

Most of all, your organic product list will be displayed in the canter of the page.

In the worst case, your list will be deeper in a few pages.

Similarly, organic search effectively generates brand traffic for your site.

ClassicSEO Views: Users Think Your Brand They are looking for your brand name.

Your website appears at the top of your organic search results. The user clicks on his list and visits his website.

Does PPC do this? Yes, so you should also bid for the brand in PPC.

But what happens if your ad is the only thing that displays without SEO? These users can face their brand’s legitimate questions. Then, you should be at the same time.

Both of these tools bring assets to the desktop. Why do not you both want me to work for you?

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  1. SEO and PPC are Not Free

The general argument against PPC is that it is expensive. Each time someone clicks on your ad, you pay. If your account is professionally managed, you should also pay for it.

But SEO experts will tell you SEO needs time, money and experience.

If you want to do everything, whether you are paying an internal SEO manager or an external advisory company, you have to pay.

  1. It’s Not a Zero-Sum Game – SEO vs. PPC

Sometimes people are confident that the PPC reference is equal to zero. If you stop investing, the second and the other will take advantage of it.

But I never saw that. SEO and PPC do not usually eat. Instead, they get results from different groups.

This is a point where we have recently worked with our customers.

Clients work with SEO organizations. It’s not strange; in fact, we welcome this agreement because we know that good SEO will help to produce the results of PPC and vice versa.

But in this case, SEO consultants encourage customers to leave PPC in specific markets completely. These will strengthen your organizational efforts in some places where you will need to perform better. Advertising will no longer be required(he said!).

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In 2018, the diary encountered the client with 29%, which caused 22% of potential customers.

At the same time, PPC arranged 43% of meetings, which included 55% of potential customers.

Let’s continue in the middle of 2019; the company has spent money on SEO.

In 2019, biotechnology led 28% of meetings and created 22% of potential customers.

At the same time, the CPP remains relatively unchanged. He attended 46% of meetings and made 55% of potential customers.

As you can see, this year’s results were the same year last year’s.

If we suddenly shut down advertisements in those markets, what happens if we invest in SEO?

SEO assumes and, in any way, provides all these PPC indicators. It’s not possible.

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  1. Statistics can be Ruined – SEO vs. PPC.

In “competition” between SEO and PPC, one or the other pro often writes on the results of supporting them.

But before you get the results, you must carefully review these data.

For example, one of our other clients is an SEO Consultant who asks them to stop PCC ads completely.

Their arguments are based on their “results” that PPC traffic has encountered a bad determination of the website with the SEO. Therefore, he assures that customers should put all marketing funds into it.

We do not know that SEO consultants obtained this information because we saw something different from us.

Finally, we suspect you have forgotten that more PPP traffic is calling for traffic activities.

As you know, traffic generated by those campaigns does not occur on the client’s website, which can explain the low participation rate.

This proposal may be in good faith. But it’s based on incomplete information.

Unfortunately, the consultant completely ignored another important step.

For this client, PPC has made 2,958 new visitors from the beginning of the year.

On the contrary, organic products only take 1,246.

What happens to all these newcomers if you lead the PPC?

Most likely, you lose them.

Therefore, when you see people who discuss or oppose PPC against SEO, make sure they review all relevant information.

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  1. Look Beyond Traffic to Leads & Conversions

Regarding the data, much data circulation on the Internet will also benefit from more detailed analysis.

For example, a 2014 study conducted by Conductor (an SEO Company) 2014 shows that 64% of total website traffic was in organic search, whereas payment was only 6%.

How do you want to try this figure? Is CPO more efficient than CPP? Probably

But I see two issues.

  • First, this number of natural search traffic will be included in traffic generated by all search queries, including searches in which ads are not displayed exactly.
  • Second, and more importantly, is traffic a goal? Or should we be more interested in leads and conversions?

Because it gets all the traffic from around the world, but what happens if you have no lead or change?

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SEO or PPC? Select Both! – SEO vs. PPC

When people want to know if they should choose between SEO or PPC, specify that they should not be selected.

Because they cannot take anyone else’s place.

When you submit them, do you get the best results?

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