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 A new report on retail digital ad spending in 2019 uncovers that paid search is the fastest-developing ad format.

US advertisers spent $ 13.12 billion on research in 2019, up 22.5% from last year.

In 2020, the cost was estimated at $ 15.65 billion.

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The report concludes that retail benefits from integrating Google to look for more products than other industries.

For example, Google ads may appear on Google Maps, which can increase in-store traffic and display local resources for a particular product.

Product and service research in other industries are integrated at different levels.

e Marketer forecasts 46.3% of local notifications to be used to find relevant ads, which is higher than the industry average (41.5%).

According to E Marketer, research in 2020 accounts for 47.3% of total digital advertising spending.

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“Excessive indexing of sales sites is in high demand because growing paid search ads are critical to ecommerce. Google Shopping ads have become a major advertiser for marketers. Resellers using Google Shopping ads have a conversion rate of 1.1%to 3.1%. “

Not all of this money goes to Google searches. Amazon research has identified the potential for growth in retail advertising.

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Many small and medium-sized retailers are spending more on Amazon search products.

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