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 Google sent a message to site owners concerning mobile-first indexing, saying it is to be patient because it will happen to your site. 

This topic has been discussed several times over the past week. Recently, the following issues were discussed in the Google Webmaster Central hangout:

“My site still uses desktop tracking for indexing. How long does it take to access Googlebot Mobile? “

Google Martin Splitter, which came with John Mueller, started to diagnose the problem, which may take a while.

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You can’t decide when to move your site to the mobile directory first. There is no way to get there faster.

Sprite reiterated what Mueller said a few days ago in a video that the site owner cannot first activate or deactivate the mobile directory.

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So, it is inevitable or accelerated. Assuming your site is ready to move the directory first, you must wait patiently.

If your site has yet to be moved to the mobile directory first, you have nothing to worry about. As Sprat said, “it doesn’t matter.”

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Listen to the full answer in the following video starting at 25:08:

“It can take some time. Another problem [in the queue] is how to move to the Google Mobile Robot. There is no way to choose if you want to participate. We have gradually changed the site or turned it into a mobile directory, but one cannot say, “Oh, yes, Zhou, you are you.” Wait patiently. It’s happening. Everything will be fine”.

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