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 Microsoft Advertising is developing ad customizers which help decrease setup time and are also said to optimize ad quality.

Allows advertisers to make hundreds of different types of ads advertisers.

Technical aspects of Microsoft describe how to work with ad optimizers:

“Ad Customers app copy settings that areconverted with the animated text while displaying ads to ads, text values ​​are provided in the source fileand are based on the introduction described in fonts.”

Ad copy parameters follow this format and continue with the description of Microsoft:

“{=FeedName.AttributeName: Default}. If the feed name is” Presents “and you want to refer to the custom” Product(text) “, the parameter {= offers}.

Advertisements set ads based on different goals like options, audience listings, devices, search queries, daytime, and more.

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For example, to edit the text of your ad based on the user’s location, first, make the feed with the “feature of the destination” feature.

Various ads can be assigned to specific locations, which can search different parts of the ad through search engines.

You can familiarize yourself with ad customizations by creating your custom feed by feed management tool in the shared joint library, and uploading their accounts.

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Then, look at advertising corrections in a copy of the ad to create a broad-text ad.

For more information on creating an advertising customer, visit the Microsoft Help page.


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