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Since 2004, Google has been improving searches based on local SEO or results and drawing attention to businesses improving for a local presence.

We aim to connect small shoppers, popular stores, medium-chain, and local shopper sites with people interested in buying.

There is no doubt that Simple Search [Local Search Engine Optimization] will open critical information containing search engine records optimized for local search engines.

However, businesses targeting large audiences may need help with optimization problems with local searches.

Sites such as travel agencies and Seattle event pages, Seattle Yelp restaurants, and the company’s “to do” pages show that your website can optimize for local searches.

The point is to use the right signals, add off-site optimization to local information, and create consistent content based on user intent.

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Authoritative Document Identification Patent

In December 2004, Google filed a patent for Authoritative Document Identification files to provide high-quality local content for local searches. Brief description:

“The system determines the documents associated with the location, identifies the set of signals associated with each document, and determines the document rights for that location based on the signal.”

Patents use four necessary signals to determine the company’s location.

  1. The linked page contains a physical address with a valid phone number.
  2. H1 is the name of your company.
  3. The URL contains your company name.
  4. This page contains links to other pages and websites that mention your website and company name.

In 2005, we announced Maps features with the launch of mobile card publishing later this year.

Your goal is to continually promote local results and optimize your site’s country, state, province, and city studies.

In 2008, we used four tracks in the city database to register Starbucks sandwiches for breakfast so that people could optimize their websites to find Starbucks in the city.

The site was very successful, and Howard Schulz named the website in his book Forward.

A few years later, I started working at and noticed that individual sections of the site had plummeted by updating Google pandas and penguins.

This site has been developed for local and “used car …” local searches.

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Each page contains four characters. The address of the dealer and the phone number of the city “Used car in …”.

The list of cars sold on this site has been added to the page for useful experiences based on special events and additional dynamic content for cars under KBB.

Before the end of two years, the project brought over 60% of the company’s revenue through SEO.

Merging Search Results Patent

In March 2013, Google’s patent merger study was approved and implemented, and many websites rethought their local search engine optimization strategy. Brief description:

In one aspect, the method combines search results based on a query received from a local search engine and mechanism. & Lt; Desc / Clms Page number 2 > In one aspect, the method combines search results based on a query received from a local search engine and mechanism. A general search on how to sort and sort for display. “Combined search results highlight specific business units.

When you use the results of your analysis to select a page relevant to the business unit of your local results, your local results will include a regular page and a local page.

The theCompany Rights page is your company’s website.

If your official page is ranked higher in web and local search results, you can combine these URLs to appear only once in search results.

For example, a project developed by Nordstrom (which searches for Nordstrom users in Seattle) views the local store page as an authentication page in search results. It connects to the local package instead of the effects on the page. Nordstrom came home.

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In this patent, when a local search result is considered a requested right page and disclosed to a search engine, the combined effect may be displayed before responding to another query result.

Since the patent disclosure, users can search on mobile devices.

Assuming users expect local search results, we focus on more signals for common issues like ‘I,’ ‘restaurants’, or ‘shopping.’

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When you describe your company’s web pages to Google Places, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Groupon, and many other specific websites, adding local link signals is becoming increasingly important.

  • For business pages, Text Local SEO and Sweet IQ: Local Marketing Hub:
  • Manage local pages.
  • Provides an interface to monitor and respond to notifications.
  • Post information about your site (Yelp, Google, 40,000+).

The Enterprise Local SEO Checklist for 2019

  1. Create a verified page for each site.
  2. H1 must contain the site’s name where the company name (or subject) is located.
  3. Your address and phone number should be included in the page’s content.
  4. Regional planning for local information:

<span itemprop =“address”> Company Address </ span> <div item scope type type = “HTTP: // Business”> <span itemprop =“name” //spha itemprop = “address Locality”> city </span> <span item = “” address Region “> status <span itemprop =” Code Post “> Post coding </ span> > <span itemprop = “phone”> Company Phone </ span> </ div>

  • The URL must include your location and company name (if applicable).
  • The Text or Sweet IQ service provides local signals for other approved pages and inbound links to the page.
  • Map to a web page with a mailing address (Google Maps preferred).
  • Unique content:
    • customer feedback
    • Products or services related to the Place.
    • Neighbor site link.
    • Working hours (if applicable).
    • All events are held at the hotel.
    • Site description.
  • The location of the image (if the position of the text in the image and the position of the alternate version are better).
  • Subpage with additional information.
  • Internal links point to links to relevant pages.

Local search engine optimization can help you get big company profits.

Nordstrom has comprehensive experience using state-of-the-art technology in regional projects launched in 2018.

This business can generate more income of hundreds of millions of dollars.

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With offline work, users can save their products and try to make purchases from people waiting for them in the store.


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