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 Links, links, links. Care very much for them or dislike them greatly; we all want to get them when it comes to doing search engine optimization. The significance of high-authority links in SEO is no secret.

But the most controversial is how to generate inbound links “correctly”.

For many SEO professionals, this means a rigorous method of building white links. For others, a little * ah * * moral flexibility is no problem.

But well agree that the way to attract contacts is, of course, encouraged in many ways.

Regardless of your preferences, finding creative ways to create links naturally is good.

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Nature Link, Au Naturel

Creating a natural link means attracting a link without creating it and creating the link itself, for example, placing a visitor, placing a link or buying a link.

The idea is that your website, content and marketing are impressive, and other website owners must link to you.

This may be easier said than said.

You should integrate a natural link-building method into your existing link-building strategy to take a holistic view.

The Benefits of Building Natural Links

The advantages of strengthening natural bonds to strengthening traditional bands are different. The main benefits are better classification, increased traffic and brand awareness.

There are, however, some advantages that make natural winning links shine in others:

  • Industry recognition: Links to your site in popular industry publications can increase brand awareness.
  • Exponential Link Growth: When your site attracts links from websites with recognized authority, your chances of creating more natural links from industry blogs increase.
  • Sharing Social Networks: There is a strong correlation between content that attracts natural links and many social activities.
  • Create a relationship. Creating a connection can allow you to start a conversation with other people in your area to develop useful links in the future.
  • Trust: Nothing is better than discovering that your site attracts 100% natural links. This can drive you to increase your SEO performance further.

Building natural links can generate more traffic and rankings. It is helpful to attract quality links if there is a communication strategy and little marketing costs.

What Should I Do to Make Other Websites Link to You?

So, if the creation of a genetic link does not contain recognition, should we wait for the link to take effect?

Unfortunately, no.

Making your site worthy of reference is still a lot of work. This is a little over hope and prayer.

The key is to make your content irresistible and promote your website on multiple platforms.

If no one has heard of you, they will not bind you. You need to make your website, content and brand visible.

Fortunately, each method can be increased or decreased depending on your budget and bandwidth.

Here are 12 examples to help you turn the wheels connecting a building.

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  1. Content Marketing

The basis of any link-building strategy is to create exciting content.

With traditional link building, you can encourage websites to link to you in exchange for guest posts and more. It does not work with the creation of natural links.

Creating content Evergreen is the best option for attracting links to authorized sites, especially if you can guarantee this content and SEO rating.

If your content is always at the top of the search results and is a precious resource, it will be the obvious choice for the site it links to.

Besides, effectively marketing your content on all platforms can increase your visibility and not wait for SEO to complete your work.

  1. Social Media

Your personal and professional profiles on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn give you several options for linking to your site.

For example, Twitter offers two fields (web and bio) to include links. Although they may not be particularly useful for your site permissions, they allow you to drive traffic to your site.

Similarly, LinkedIn will give you three links in your profile. You can even add media like videos and documents. These are opportunities to capture traffic, build potential customers and increase the visibility of content.

In addition to these neglected and ignored links in your profile, social media marketing can help you deliver content differently.

Sharing very relevant and exciting content may encourage other site owners to connect.

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  1. Editorial Links

Linked-in is, of course, derived links that are generated by high-quality content and marketing. They often have high authority and legitimacy because they usually include the functions of essential publications.

An excellent way to attract these links is to publish content about current events and trends. This is because accredited websites, such as Forbes and entrepreneurs, are more likely to refer to certified sources and the latest content from experts.

You can find these topics by looking at trends on the Internet. Some good tools:

  • Google Trends
  • Bing trend theme
  • Twitter Trend Topic
  • Google history

Just write an expert article on current topics and share them on multiple platforms to speed up the work.

If you are in a leadership position, you probably have an organic classification of the subject before other websites become trendy. Then other sites can contact you.

  1. Resource Pages

For engaging and valuable content, let’s analyze the resource side.

A resource page is usually a page that displays many valuable resources, such as pdf files, videos, downloadable items, tutorials, tools, and interviews that help in some way. Users, this is a toolkit for a target audience.

Many times, other sites limit the resources for individual blog posts. But if you create a more powerful resource center, you will encourage other industry sites to contact you. However, you can see that your users can find everything they need in one place.

The resource page is useful for targeting keywords, for example:

  • “How___.”
  • “_____guide”
  • “_____Tip”

Users looking for answers to questions or solutions can benefit from using resources. Knowing this, other sites will be interested in creating links to pages.

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  1. Quora

Quora. Comis is a question-and-answer site where users can share their knowledge and find answers to their questions. Quora receives over 200,000 unique visitors per month.

To attract natural contacts through Quora, the main thing is to focus on creating value. Many users use Quora to build links. Therefore, if you delete the links, most users will be able to understand your intention.

Find and answer questions about your area. Share your experience and include links to valuable resources in your answers.

If the user believes his answer is correct and complete, he may prefer to visit your site and even create a link to the page.

  1. HARO

Help a reporter (HARO) is a platform journalist and editors use to gather expert opinions, quotes, and information about their articles.

When you register with HARO, the site sends you daily the opportunity to respond to reporter requests for expert comments and community feedback.

If you provide the information and value of the publications you need, they will often refer to you as a source (for example, a title, a title, and a website).

As in Quora, the goal is to give value, not just links. If a journalist thinks he is creating a link for SEO purposes, he is unlikely to contact you(or even answer him).

You can register for free at HARO and answer new questions daily to increase your chances of getting the genetic links.

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  1. Site Tools

As on the resources page, you can create a valuable tool and place it on your website. If your appliances are unique and help some users, other sites in the industry will find them useful.

Here are some examples of useful tools:

  • Free tool for an SEO review.
  • budget calculator
  • study
  • formula
  • The creator of the blog theme.
  • Meta title counter tools.

Think of a good tool for your audience, preferably a device that is not currently available. Then you can work with developers to create tools for your site.

  1. E-book

Is there a good author on your team? It may be interesting to write an advanced book to create natural links.

Electronic books can be authorized content that distinguishes you from your region. Like any other content, the higher the value, the better. If your e-book can stand the test of time, it can generate natural links in the coming years.

Check out the entire library of e-books for search engines to see some examples.

  1. Reddit

Reddit is not reserved for kings and politicians. The editors also went to the platform to find information, find answers to their questions and share their knowledge.

You have many opportunities to evaluate, answer questions and even get links.

I recommend creating an account that is not related to SEO. Shop only as a regular user.

Then subscribe to links that are related to your region. Answer user problems, create your karma Reddit and share value. Sometimes you can remove links to your resources that may be useful to the community.

If other authors like what you say and what interests them, they may share it elsewhere, even in a future article.

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  1. Ego Bait Content

The content of “Ego Bait” is based on the idea that ​​” I scratched my back, and you scratched me.” It is about creating content that highlights one or more industry experts and encourages them to use the thank you link (which is unnecessary).

The content of the ego offer can be part of the usual way of distributing links, or you can create content and wait for the link to be accepted naturally.

The idea is that everyone in the content is sincere; they tend to refer to their content and share it with the words: “Hi, I think it’s amazing!”

Here are some ideas for offline content:

  • expert reviews
  • interview
  • the price
  • “Better” article
  • catalogue expert

For more purposes, see this pasture maintenance manual.

11: Network

Don’t underestimate the value of a good conversation.

By creating a real relationship with the industry, you can discover many opportunities for collaboration. If someone likes you, they are more likely to share your content.

It can work in both directions. If you link your content, publish it in an article or request an expert opinion, you may consider doing the same.

Remember to do it for the right reason rather than satisfy your interests. People can usually see this.

  1. Video Marketing

As video links become more popular, professional search engine optimization tends to get more video content.

But only some have the time or budget to make their video. They often decide to find valuable YouTube videos to post on their blog.

You can create valuable video content and post it on YouTube to increase the likelihood of other sites displaying your video. This will lead to direct traffic to your video and allow you to request functionality.

If you find other sites linked to your videos, ask them to provide a link to the site. Even if they refuse, you can always ask users to subscribe to your channel or visit your website through the link in the video description.

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Links do not necessarily mean creating a website, placing a visitor or sending an email to someone in your area.

By providing value online, you can, of course, attract links.

However, it is more complex.

You combine these methods to create natural links with your strategies to cover all your fundamental aspects. You can then attract links from multiple sources and increase your chances of dist

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