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 What link-building opportunities do large brands need to explore?

Large brands use only some channels and connections in their campaigns and networks. This is an opportunity to build relationships that often need to be recovered.

Effective and strategic relationships should not be created in a vacuum. This should continue everything you do in your marketing campaign, not ex-post.

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To build links effectively, an SEO expert should:

  • View all your marketing campaigns.
  • Expand or go to your organization’s marketing campaign calendar or roadmap.
  • Interviews with market managers in each department to understand goals, advanced project plans, and channels to comment on comments.

Following these three steps before you start link building, you will find the people, processes, and features available to help you get the most out of your campaign.

Large organizations play a completely different role in creating links to startups.

Key organizational strategies focus more on volume and identify some passive resources for growth (as opposed to soliciting unique manual links).

Here are six ways to create links that big brands should look into (but often overlook).

  1. Offline Events

List exhibitions, conferences, and festivals that your company participated in this year.

Offline events often have an online presence to provide information to attendees, speakers, and sponsors.

You can create links and get link-building opportunities to the following places:

  • List of participating brands.
  • Personal session announcements sponsored or made by your company.
  • Or an editorial section that covers specific meetings, parties, or interests.

If your company has a stand, look at all the digital contact points your company can use to maximize your investment in these jobs.

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  1. Joint Marketing

What kind of organizations do you work with to develop your brand?

Big brands often have marketing opportunities across all bunkers in an organization.

Some of the most common affiliate marketing companies that implement:


This type of marketing collaboration can be promoted in the following situations:

  • Both organizations have a symbiotic history.
  • Organizational information and products complement every audience.

In this type of collaborative marketing relationship, partners create:

  • Webcast
  • E-book
  • BlogPosts
  • Video
  • Other content formats.

Both logos appear in an editorial form and link to other websites to promote the property.

Affiliate Product

Product associations are more about technology or integration, and partner clients can benefit from the solutions of both companies.

In the first case, brands should look at the content channels that partners are participating in.

The most direct link is here on the business partner’s website.

  1. Technology and Integration Association – Link Building Opportunities

Which platforms or solutions integrate your product or service to deliver end-user value?

The most common contact opportunities in this area are the market or the integration list.

Here are examples of lists in different locations:

  • Healthcare
  • Marketing
  • General office software

Each of these integrated associations has its value and

Some integration markets will list you only if you pay. And if you have a certain number of integrated users, other integration markets will only register you.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get related assets and real customers by filling out the labels in this application market.

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  1. Product Launches

Big brands must make thousands of decisions about price, product, packaging and marketing.

Often when a company tries to enter the market or grow through product launches, the link is a late event.

Another problem with creating a link during the product launch is that the SEO agency involved in creating the link needs to understand the details of the product launch.

To take advantage of these opportunities, contact your advertising teams, products, and social networks to find out what media brand your marketing will bring.

As far as PR is concerned, it would help if you ensured that the publications and influencers who distribute news about their latest products are linked to your product homepage.

When the campaign is complete, and all campaigns are full, redirect the campaign site to the most relevant page on the webpage, not just cancel the page and redirect the visitor to page 404.

This is a common mistake of big brands, where SEO solutions should be more noticed.

  1. Press Release – Link Building Opportunities

What tools do you use to capture all the brands mentioned on the Internet?

An updated marketing calendar will tell your SEO team which channels you want to visit for the latest news before the live events.

Also, leading brands often do not have access to private messages, and bloggers share news of their events on their sites.

Take the initiative by creating social networks and news, reminding yourself whenever you mention it online. Add the site that refers your campaign to the list of links.

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Some search engine optimization tools, such as SEMrush, regularly analyze this list to create links to determine whether or not you have a tracking link on your site. (Full disclosure: The organization I work with is a member of SEMrush).

  1. Alliance Channel Partners

What channels does your organization use to develop customers?

For some technology and service providers, subsidiaries or distributors are the most important source of new customers.

Some examples include:

  • Regarding insurance, notable brands need to ensure that their unrelated agents link to the company’s website from an independent website.
  • ASaaS organization, which typically has a reseller/federal model, should do the same by asking the reseller to provide a link to the company website through an authorized reseller logo or a simple text link. Alliance website.
  • The same applies if your brand offers shorter recommendations to other organizations.

Big brands should not create links as market participants.

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To get the most out of your related assets, combine a more strategic SEO process with all your marketing and communications plans.


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