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Learn more about 28 facts on Instagram and stay up-to-date on how to use Instagram globally in 2019.

Check out one of the most popular social networks in the world, including demographics, Key Trends, Net Wealth, Usage Statistics, Current Leadership, Market Share, and more.

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1. In 2019, Instagram will have one billion monthly active users.

2. Instagram was officially released in 2010 as an iPhone app. It has already reached one million users per month (compared to one million Foursquare and Twitterfiles in two years).

3. 33%of the most viewed articles come from companies.

4. every day, 200 million Instagram users visit at least one company profile and 80% of their accounts focus on the Instagram business.

5. There are 25 million businesses on Instagram.

6. Instagram is currently ranked 13th in the world by Alexa.

7. Instagram costs about $ 100 billion.

8. The most dependable brands on Instagram are:

  • National Geographic: 112 million fans
  • Nike:83.9 million fans
  • NBA:38.3 million fans
  • Chanel:35.4 million fans
  • Louis Vuitton: 32.6 million fans
  • Adidas:23.9 million fans
  • Starbucks:17.9 million fans
  • GoPro:15.8 million fans

9. During 2017, daily active users on Instagram exceeded Instagram (200 million) daily Snapchat users (161 million).

10. One of the most exciting news on Instagram in recent years has been the ability to tag products in posts. Following the announcement of product labels, Instagram has highlighted the potential of the company:

“Forbrands, this means a new way of attracting a loyal audience, actively seekinginspiration from their favorite listers, and promoting branded products.”

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11. Facebook bought Instagram for $ 1 billion in 2012.

12. The following are the top five Instagram accounts from 2019:

  • Instagram:305 million fans
  • CristianoRonaldo: 173 million fans
  • ArianGrande: 158 million fans
  • SelenaGomez: 152 million fans
  • Kim Kardashian West: 142 million fans
  • KylieJenner: 139 million fans

13. The most attractive Instagram photo is an egg on a white background. The entire account (@world_record_egg) was created to get the most popular world records Kylie Jenner has ever had.

14.89.5% of Instagram photos are generally posted without filters (at least on Instagram). (This is one of the coolest facts on this list on Instagram!)

15. The most popular photos with Instagram filters are Clarendon, Juno, Ludwig, Lark and Gingham.

16. The most widely used identifier for 2019 is # Dear.

17. To celebrate pride in June, if these stories have an independent label, Instagram will make the story a rainbow.

18. To compete with Vine on Twitter, Instagram launched a 15-second video component in 2013. In the first 24 hours, 5 million videos were downloaded. Instagram Stories is one of the most popular features that can take up to 60 seconds.

19. Instagram creators Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger met during their engagement at Stanford University. Both left the company in 2018 to start new projects.

20. AdamMossery is the current manager of Instagram. She worked for the parent company Facebook, Facebook, for over ten years and is responsible for Instagramtechnology, products and work.

22. Instagram is based in Menlo Park, California.

23. Instagram has 550 employees worldwide.

24. 37%of US adults use Instagram.

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25. The following is a global breakdown of Instagram users in 2019:

  • US:110 million
  • Brazil:66 million
  • India:64 million
  • Indonesia:56 million
  • Russia:35 million
  • Turkey:34 million
  • Japan:24 million
  • UnitedKingdom: 22 million
  • Mexico:20 million
  • Germany:18 million

26. 43% of US Instagram users are women.

27. 39%of US adults in urban areas use Instagram. 31% of rural and 28% of suburban users.

28. The average age of Instagram users:

  • Ages18-29: 59%
  • 30-49:33%
  • 50-64:18%
  • 65years and older: 8%

29. Family Income for Instagram Users 2019

  • $30-49,999: 32%
  • $50-74,999: 32%
  • $75,000 or more: 37%

30. The average level of education for Instagram users in 2019:

  • Higher tertiary education: 27%
  • Some Universities: 37%
  • University:33%

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