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 Learn how to forecast the SEO future. We’ve all been there for a long time ago. You’re pitching a potential client or your boss on a huge long-term SEO strategy.

The head is great, like your idea, then the marketing manager says:

CMO: “So, how can we expect development if we work with you?”

SEO: “Oh, it will not work like this.” It is impossible to predict the position of improvement opposition of position because it is impossible to manually rate keywords to rank them. User to action, but only through it: … Blah and so on.

CMO: “Well, looks good! So, what kind of development can we expect?

You do not have to argue realistically. Benefits can be considered for potential customers. But if you do not give the numbers to your leaders, they will not be considered by other decision-makers.

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Do not be afraid!

Although it is almost impossible to estimate the chance of a meeting, we can contact it.

Caveats to forecasting SEO potential

SEO is trying to predict performance. It is possible, but there are more insects than insects.

If we get more consistent and reliable data than the search engines, it may be easy to follow the search engine optimization possibilities, but we’re there.

Before you can show your new prediction model in your predictions, you must express your intention honestly.

Telling your potential customers that it is impossible to be accurate is just possible lifting plans. This can still be higher!

Before analyzing your prediction data, I tell you that you mention different factors that can prevent a correct prediction, such as:

  • Update the algorithm
  • Seasonally
  • Contestchange
  • Etc

In other words, setting this option to show the potential impact of a small set of useful keywords after optimization.

How does this predictive model work?

This model requires you to do a little bit of work. I hope this is as easy as entering your domain name, but it is more like a research paper.

Data comes from Google Sheets and is displayed in the data studio. My Data StudioPanels are fully interactive and allow you to filter through keywords and keywords.

You should first find out our data and connect to Google Sheets.

  1. Find source data – forecast SEO future.

Before you start, you should copy your useful Google Search Engine Optimization prediction data sheet. It is that we are going to enter data by all means.

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Now we must collect data by ourselves.

The basic data we reviewed was a keyword search. You can use any keyword search tool you like! What you need to add:

  • 150important keywords you want to target
  • Average monthly search volume
  • Current domain domains
  • SiteConversion Rate
  • The average percentage of devices per device (desktop or mobile device)

The prediction model is designed to show such effects that SEO may also be on a small data set.

The point here is: “To improve this, only 150 words can be taken; imagine what happens when you increase your custom project!

The advantage of this prediction model is that it only focuses on the impact of targeting targeted keywords in our SEO efforts.

This means it does not consider the terms of different searches that can direct traffic to your website. These are only the 150 most commonly used keywords that will affect your performance.

In our example, we will use “shoe” best filtering targeting keywords to filter and add the word.

Once you specify 150 keywords, current locations and numbers, you paste them into Google Sheets.

Just make sure to paste columns A to C and 2-151 lines. Note that the data on the 151 lines is available. After finishing this data on the 2-151 line, it will automatically be updated.

Once you enter your keywords, you must enter some Google Analytics data in the tab “Average Clicking Statistics and Elements”. You need:

  • The average percentage of organic office traffic
  • AverageOrganic Traffic%
  • The average conversion rate for an organic deck
  • OrganicMoving Average Conversion Rate

Enter these four steps to complete the first step!

  1. Connect Google Sheets to your Data Studio model.

We are very close to the interesting part! From the next step, you will be asked to copy the SEO effect analysis data studio model.

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How to connect to Google Sheets data studio:
  • Please open this link on our SEO prediction data studio template.
  • At the top of the page, click the Make Copy Image icon.
  • This will generate a popup window, and you will be asked to select a “new datasource.” Click on the dropdown menu and select “Create a newdata” from the bottom
  • Asa data source, search and select Google Sheets.
  • Find a raw data table and select it as a data source.

Your data studio should be updated as follows:

  1. This SEO prediction panel function – forecasts SEO future

The prediction figure was highlighted.

This SEO prediction panel’s main task is to indicate the clickthrough rate and the impact of place changes on website traffic.

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This number is based on the average monthly volume, average clickthrough rate * and your current location.

*Click-rate data comes from the survey done by advanced web rankings.

When you move the cursor to the bar graph, you’ll see the new data filled everywhere.

Do you want to limit the keyword limit? I covered you. Integration functions allow you to filter results according to keywords.

Keep in the SEO forecasting process.

Why can you show a quick number in your deck if you can provide great ideas to showcase your value?

This panel has different features to help predict data for future clients or line managers.

Cannot see a specific function?

Please get in touch with me. I will try to add it to the panel!

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