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 Google declared that it would soon launch a new series of Q&A videos hosted by John Mueller.

Google webmaster trend analyst Mueller has presented a series of popular Q&A videos and answered website owners’ questions.

So, what is the difference between Webmaster Central Hangouts and this new series, “Ask Google Web Masters”?

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According to the shared trailer on Twitter, the new series will produce more than Mueller’s current video.

Although John Mueller’s webmaster video is a live video from a real-life web site yet similar to the old question-and-answer video of the video matte kits.

We’ve got a new show coming in hot 🔥

e videos are rich, sacred results that can also include in hot dogs.

This statement has yet to be mentioned, but I’ll be able to send a question using Twitter #AskGoogleWebMasters on Twitter. The video will upload to Google Webmaster’s current YouTube channel.

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Creating these videos is a good idea for many reasons. First, the central Hangouts video makes the one-hour webmaster easy to digest.

It’s easy to digest, and videos can be shared; it’s great if you want to share Google tips with friends or customers.

From the point that your team gets more than that, it also helps Google.

Google is launching a new Q&A video series featuring John Mueller, a Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google. In this series, Mueller will answer commonly asked questions about search engine optimization, website ranking, and other related topics.

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Now that video is recorded as a video, it is easy to find people looking for information.( A One Sol )


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