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 Facebook is changing the aspect ratios of photos and videos shown in the news feed on mobile devices. Facebook also limits the amount of text displayed in mobile news.

Therefore, you need to consider the new specifications when optimising the Facebook mobile news service.

Here is the change.

The aspect ratio of photos and videos

Facebook has reduced the maximum support for 2: 3 format photos and videos from 4: 5 to free news sources.

Media over 4: 5 is hiding in mobile Facebook news sources. In other words, the user must click to view it completely.

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Smaller text lines – Facebook

The smaller version appears in news publications for mobile devices with 7-3 lines of text.

If the message contains more than four lines of text, the user is prompted to click to view a different version.

Both of these changes will take effect on August 19, 2019. Marketers will need at least a few weeks to adjust using small images and text.

Big F said the changes were designed to “simplify our format and improve the consistency of the mobile experience.”

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