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 As someone who’s worked with several digital marketers in my ability as a company owner, I saw these well-dressed people couldn’t think critically in many cases. They need more capabilities to puzzle out real-world problems.

They can throw out brilliant ideas, but they can’t execute them.

Teacher friends and many of their students have the same problem. He said they could read, do homework, and take the exam, but there are many difficulties in writing a dissertation or in class discussions.

Now, despite your critical thinking, you may not be able to use them right away in some situations, especially with strong emotions such as fear.

When I started my career, I was seriously thinking, thinking clearly. I was in a meeting with experienced people. I panicked; my mind was white.

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Sometimes this happens again, but I remember to slow down and use logic.

Becoming a programmer is the best way to improve your critical thinking skills.

One of our first exercises was elevator programming. It seems easy before you realize that all methods can fail. (I left the building because he never stopped climbing).

It would help if you considered all possible ways that users can spoil things and let something terrible happen. This is a great lesson that changed my view of the problem.

Analyze the Situation – Digital Marketers

When you get a lot of information, you can divide it into several sections. You have to organize this and look at patterns and trends.

If the information is not organized correctly, it isn’t easy to make the right decision.

In SEO, doing analytics is part of your daily work.

  • We were asked to decide “what happens!” Site rating is low, traffic is down, or the customer thinks the problem is.
  • We conduct keyword research and collect 10,000 lines of data to convert content and paid media into a list of top keywords. We broke the competition link profile.
  • We look at content with better performance.

All this is to decide what to do.

Because everyone has so many great tools, every SEO can gain practical insights to improve their analysis.

In this case, this strategy is ideal:

  • Examine the site.
  • See what is there.
  • Find out what works and what doesn’t.
  • Compare it to another site.

All you have to do is organize the information. I recommend that you learn the programming language. Or repair the broken dishwasher yourself. Or learn how to make vegetarian and gluten-free recipes.

Find a real or potential problem and figure out how to solve it.

Talk to Others – Digital Marketers

If you need someone else’s information, you can request and understand the information you have.

You should also be able to provide information.

In many cases, this is easier said than done.

Let’s say you do an SEO review for a client. The customer needs to learn more about SEO and asks many questions for advice. You’re talking on the phone.

Now it’s your job to ensure this customer understands what’s happening. Communication should take place between internal and external partners.

I have a client and need to contact an agency representative, content manager, copywriter and five other link creators who use all kinds of link creation. We need to find a way to afford communication problems.

If not, you really can’t improve communication.

Article writing is an improved method. It is beneficial to speak at a meeting or conference.

Someone once told me that creating and presenting a PowerPoint presentation is a good communication exercise because you want the picture to look good. Still, you donat want people to read this idea, so you should be able to get people’s attention. And care about your perspective.

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Be Creative and Get Different Ideas

I always understand why something is impossible and how things can go wrong.

This makes me try the site, but it means I only sometimes want to listen to new ideas. I want to do this.

I admire creative people. You may be too innovative in our industry, but it will limit you.

We have access to a lot of information. Creative thinking comes from using that information.

For example, we should be able to find something new to improve our site’s ranking. We need to have compelling content ideas. We should be able to take most of the risks.

I did two Things to Help Me Think More Creatively.

  • I went to an incredibly small local store with thousands of unmatched clothes, old vinyl records, mannequins, old postcards, books, photo frames and much more. Whenever I go to this store, my thoughts expand when I think about how to use something.
  • I saved a list that is updated frequently. This is called “I don’t do things”. It’s fun, but I’m having fun. Here is an impressive list of seven ways to increase creativity.

Keep your choices Open.

If “this” doesn’t work, it’s always good to be flexible and develop ideas and plans.

Open your options as long as possible so as not to exclude potential good ideas because you have decided too early.

If you work on a six-month plan to work with customer links, you have a wealth of information to choose from, and you can choose from a variety of industry and budget options based on past site performance and competitive advantage. Customer goals, etc.

Let’s say you and your customer decide on a plan, but after three months, you have yet to reach your goal, and your customers urgently need more business.

You can choose a payment method to increase the amount, even if it’s temporary. Or you can own more campaigns on social networks.

It would help if you had some options when you think this will not happen.

Without creativity and originality, it is challenging to keep options open so that both skills go hand in hand.

Sometimes it costs nothing to think carefully. This also applies to many aspects of life.

It seems trivial to say, “try something new”, but it is imperative.

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Solving Problems – Digital Marketers

If you do not find the problems that need to be solved, live hard every day.

Our dishwasher broke, our babysitter couldn’t get there, and our parents were sick.

SEO professionals work daily to solve problems.

With a few exceptions, most of the websites we manage are not 100% stable and have increased traffic, rating, and conversion rates.

We will only return to our problem-solving model with a new competitor or algorithm update.

If you are doing SEO, you will surely have a lot of exercises to solve your daily tasks. If you have no problems, you can improve.

Find the site with the least traffic and find out why. See if you can improve your load time or bounce rate.

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