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 Here are fourteen conversion rate optimization ideas that you can steal from Amazon. It’s so rare to be able to become competent in technology from the way that the owner makes use of it.

Facebook should have told us how they optimized their ads on Facebook. While Google began to provide information on maximizing your search engine presence, SEO professionals can fully trust your advice.

Amazon is different.

Amazon sells many products in its market. This allows us to understand how they present these products and the strategies they are implementing to optimize their product catalogue.

The following is an analysis of the Amazon list, including Amazon products (e.g. Echo), Amazon (e.g. Blink) and Amazon private brands (e.g. Ella Moon clothing).

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I have developed for each Content area-specific strategies that you can use to increase the conversion rate and ultimately increase revenue.

We will examine the following aspects:

  • product title
  • Images
  • product variations
  • bullet points
  • Enhanced Brand Content and A+ Content

I’ll show you Amazon:

  • Customize presentation Content depending on product type and price.
  • Know when to communicate practical information and when to rely on emotional reasoning.
  • Always respond to your customers’ resistance and highlight your strengths.
  • Use other sales features and optimization strategies to generate highly targeted traffic.

Before diving, it is essential to remember that copying Amazon is a solid strategy.

Our goal should be to understand what they are doing and why they are doing it. Then apply this information to our situation.

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What is Amazon Conversion Optimization? Why is Amazon’s Success Strategy so important?

It is essential always to remember that Amazon is a point of sale. If a user finds the right product at the right price as soon as possible, this is a good point of sale.

To create this complete customer experience, Amazon needs to know which products can meet the needs of its customers.

This is a conversion source. If Product A generates more orders for every 100 visits than Product B, then Product A benefits from the enormous benefits of Amazon’s algorithm by adjusting all Content considered.

An unbeatable conversion rate means your products will generate more sales during your current traffic and grow to your goal in Amazon search and campaign media over time.

This creates a brochure: more attention, more traffic, more sales, more customer reviews, more brand awareness, and higher conversion rates.

Therefore, conversion optimization should be a top priority for all Amazon sellers.

If you are from an SEO background, then think about it.

Just as Google believes that relevant and authorized link profiles are the basis for high-level sites, Amazon gives the same value to high-conversion products.

Higher Conversion Rates Give Amazon Suppliers a Competitive Edge

We will now continue to discuss the specific benefits of high-quality products from the Amazon ecosystem.

Organic Rankings

Like Google, no one knows how the Amazon A9 algorithm works, but Amazon has an idea. This is the essential part;

Factors such as text matching, price, availability, selection, and sales history help determine where your products appear in customer search results.

I emphasized sales history because we are interested in this.

Sales history is a term that covers everything in terms of performance indicators, such as order speed, but it is a product change.

In each competing vertical Product, the vendor defines the basic principles for keyword insertion, product inventory and competitive pricing.

Every grading advantage depends mainly on sales history, especially the conversion rate.

According to Amazon, research is an important way to find products.

While advertising is becoming increasingly dominant in Amazon’s search results, organic investment is still essential to revenue growth.

Change and organic classification are also increasing.

Bid Auctions

The higher the conversion rate, the lower the customer’s acquisition cost. It also offers a competitive advantage in auctions.

This is not exclusive to Amazon. We see the same ideas by measuring the quality of Google ads.

This is how it works.

For ads for many specific keywords and competing products, Amazon committed to promoting products with the highest historical conversion rate, even if its CPC bid is lower than a competitor’s bid.

The reason is simple. Customer satisfaction is paramount.

From a seller’s perspective, buying a lower CPC means that your budget is being used effectively.

These savings can be booked, reinvested in a campaign extension, or re-targeted to another campaign.

Merchandising Exposure

One of the benefits often overlooked in higher conversion rates is the top organic exposure provided by Amazon’s advanced marketing features.

Check out Amazon and consider how many views can display on each widget.

Best Sellers (A List of Best Sellers Within a Category)
customers also Viewed/Shopped for Carousels
Compare with Similar Items (Product Comparison Tables)

These attractions are very lively.

Although he seems to prefer long-selling products, the Amazon algorithm takes into account the latest performance metrics.

Significant increases in conversion rates increased media costs, and the tactical use of campaigns contribute to this effect.

Unregistered Conversion Optimization Strategy

It should note that while in this post, we are explicitly discussing SEO optimization, other factors can have a significant impact on the conversion rate, namely:

  • The delivery method (use FBA or Seller Fulfilled Prime).
  • Price(the lower, the better).
  • Discounting.

For more information about these items, visit the following questions:

  • Seller Fulfilled Prime
  • Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA)
  • pricing strategy
  • Discounting and Promotions

So, for a quick overview, we were told that:

  • What is the general conversion rate for the Amazon ecosystem?
  • The conversion rate can offer significant commercial advantages over competitors.

We are now analyzing each series of Amazon product catalogues to understand the strategy for optimizing their directories.

product title Optimization

Amazon describes the product name very clearly. They even provide the type of Content to include.

For example, small devices recommend using this format.

  • Style: Brand + Model Number + Model Name + Product Type, Color
  • Example: KitchenAid KSM150PSER Artisan 5-Quart Mixer, Empire Red
  • Example: Vornado 510W Compact Air Circulator

Descriptive and keyword-rich names are the best way, but they can mean different things to different products.

1:Highlight Crucial Tech Specs

Product compatibility orientation is a classic sales strategy.

In this case, the charger is an accessory. Amazon knows that the first question people ask is, “Did I find an adapter for my device?”

Solving this problem gives the user confidence.

The names are also rich in keywords. Including device names, they can categorize the keywords “Device + Adapter” and attract highly motivated visitors and high conversion rates.

The phrase “OEM origin” may sound strange, but it is included because Amazon knows there are a lot of cheap counterfeits.

OEM refers to “original equipment manufacturer”. The goal is to build Trust, an actual business and a high-quality Product.

One of the improvements I want to make is to write it in simple words (for example, “Amazon Authentic Adapter”). I do not guarantee that Amazon is perfect!

This includes the power to convince people to buy the right version.

If you sell electronic products, devices, or other industrial products, include the most important technical information in your title.

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2:Convincing Important Product Features

A good title should be scanned, allowing the customer to choose the most important benefits.

Here the Amazon Blink team emphasizes features such as high-quality recording (video), reliability and low maintenance (“2-year battery life”).

In addition to its main benefits, Blink also has a significant competitive advantage, namely cloud storage.

3:Docadodododododon’t Over-Title

Sometimes simplicity is the best option.

This title speaks of character, color and the latest product model.

Not many many

This style is only suitable for some, but if your Product stays mostly the same and the buyer wants specific technical details, a simple method is useful.

Remember that on, Echo faces stiff competition, so there is only a title keyword.

Improve your Product Image

The gallery allows customers to research products more closely. It should be used, for example, to provide context:

  • Who is it for?
  • How it is used.
  • How it works.
  • What comes with.
  • How it looks in situ.

4:Look at Unique Features

One of the most crucial selling points of Amazon Echo (second generation) is the multi-room function.

Amazon has played an essential role in how families use Echo to control other sonar devices.

The picture confirms this innovative feature.

5: TheOpposite Reason Not to Buy

Image overlap in text creates more context, especially when visualizing functions is intricate.

Amazon uses this text to ensure the quality of the Product to the customer.

Without any exaggeration, it can argue that the market investigation suggests that users may suspect that echoes are as good as conventional speakers.

If your customer survey indicates that users are reluctant to buy due to issues with certain features, resolve these issues in the front of the image.

Use the same strategy on the Blink Camera System page. People may be worried about the effects of electronic products on the weather, so that Amazon may look like wet lenses.

Buyers will soon discover that the Product is waterproof and that there is no reason not to buy it.

6: Highlight Product ‘Why-Buys.’

The key to fire could be more intuitive. What matters is that it gives customers a lot of TV and movie content.

This is the most significant benefit.

Amazon will use this image to improve the range of Content available (if you have Amazon Prime).

Learn about the benefits of the main Product and how to see it. Place it in the first or second image mode to increase customer access to this information.

Instantly accessing the strongest “why buy” page and repeat page is a great way to increase the motivation for your purchase and increase your conversion rate.

Intelligent Use of Product Options and Sales Functions.

Simple optimization, but the conversion rate often overlooked, is that if you do not provide the products your customers need, the conversion rate will be low.

If you have the right product, but the consumer needs to know you are selling it, the same thing happens.

7:Combine the Options to Reduce the Customer Burden

That’s why it’s so essential to use Amazon product alternatives properly.

Amazon offers a wide range of colours, designs and sizes but (surprisingly) also ensures the correct use of parent-child relationships.

Amazon sellers usually distribute their products in different catalogues. This is a mistake because it prevents customers from finding the right Product.

By grouping all types of products on one page, buyers are more likely to make a purchase, and as you know, the conversion rate is higher.

8. Using Other Sales Functions to Build Trust

This is a relatively new feature implemented in the Amazon ecosystem. Everyone knows that doing it yourself can be an unpleasant experience.

If you don’t like it or don’t know about installing electronic devices, ​​establishing a doorbell for $ 229 can stop you from buying a tire.

Amazon provides an installation service to resolve this issue. This is another excuse for not purchasing Amazon hardware for certification.

Amazon offers several similar features for other types of products.

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Catalogue for bullet optimization

This is the most influential part of your listing page and the best opportunity to sell your products and solve problems that may prevent users from buying.

Amazon suggests ensuring your copy is tight and highlighting the key benefits.

Think about these points by negotiating with the customer. It is short, and there is limited space.

Best of all, the laser is based on a quick understanding of the Product and the user.

9:Keep a Blank Copy of the Event

Another benefit of the Ring Video bell watch is to educate users and solve their problems.

In recent news, video doorbells offer significant benefits, but most people need to become more familiar with the business.

Amazon understands this.

He made a convincing argument with the following focus:

  • Compatibility
  • Offer a free trial.
  • Real-time messages bring peace of mind.

The language is simple and talented.

Remember to underestimate the power of this strategy. Amazon users are very aggressive when buying.

After completing the study and knowing what products they need, they may be far from buying a funnel.

This transaction method is consistent with the user’s intention.

Understanding the goal is critical to achieving high conversion.

10:Simple Products Don’t Need Embellishing

Make sure to make your copy simple enough.

If your Product is simple and clear, enter the required information.

Amazon does not try to sell in full language and does not have to use all brands.

Take these t-shirts. The price is $ 18, so he has no brand.

Amazon understands what customers want to know to participate in a purchase.

  • Easy to ash
  • Size.
  • Suitable for daily use.

Not many many

11:Focus on Features of Functional Products

Selling a Product usually involves transferring strengths: how does a product make you happier, healthier, more productive, etc.?

Not all products can impose such requirements. However, your customers want to know whether or not they fit your product, no matter what product you sell.

Selling technical Product always means providing features such as size, colour, power rating and safety information.

Try to show this adapter as a profitable project, and Amazon will not interfere with this. We are not trying to show how this can improve people’s lives.

A copy is helpful if they sell more expensive tickets that can improve their lives.

It’s about understanding the position of a product in the world!

Improve your Brand Content and A + Content History

Many product lists have text in the middle of the page. This is a traditional product description.

Amazon recommends using this place to tell your brand’s story and share important usage information, such as ingredients, materials, settings, etc., as needed.

In short, use this space to educate your customers.

Due to the size restrictions, many product descriptions are listed below. Pretty boring, right?

This hardly results in high conversion rates.

“But is not lost.

If you own the brand or Product, you have the right to publish the so-called —advanced Brand Content (EBC). Trademarks sold through Vendor Central have access to a similar service called A + Content.

If you look at the list of Amazon products, you will find that most of them contain much more visual information than a standard text description.

What can we figure out?

Given the creative resources needed to create Content, EBC should be closely tied to higher conversion rates. Otherwise, Amazon does not show EBC / A +.

If you have a seller account, your Amazon account manager will no doubt recommend investing in A + Content.

It will reveal your secret if you need a vendor account.

This allows Amazon to take advantage of enhanced brand content.

12:Communicate Core Value Proposition

Different sections of the page perform various tasks.

The top of Amazon’s list pages is very functional and aims to close the transaction. The Content of EBC is designed to attract emotional buyers.

Amazon takes this opportunity to tell a much richer visual story.

In this case, the Fire TV Stick is a window to a world of cinema-quality entertainment in the comfort of your home.

The value proposition is clear to everyone and leaves no doubt to the customer as the excitement is offered.

Although the copy is intermixed with useful information, it is consistent with critical messages about the quality of the experience.

Everything is closely aligned with this central entertainment message.

When creating your branded enhanced Content, think about the first message you want to convey.

Then think about the emotions that should arouse in the buyer. The trick is to produce a visual format that reflects the feeling you want to create.

13:Using EBC Modules to Facilitate Decision Making

Amazon provides a useful comparison chart within the EBC.

Here they use it to show the differences between the Kindle ranges.

Comparison tables are not unique to Amazon’s websites. They allow users to search, compare and build confidence in their decision-making.

It is increased confidence that encourages a potential buyer to complete the transaction.

Remember that with EBC, it is possible to transmit this type of information. That’s why it’s crucial to deploy EBC if your conversion rates need a boost.

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14:Unknown Brands Must Communicate Their Story

Amazon is a huge global brand. He keeps space by presenting who he is and what he represents.

The opposite is exact for Amazon private label stores.

Take this list, Ella Moon, for example. Very few people will have heard of the ElleMoon brand.

Instead of telling a product story as Amazon does with Echo, Fire TV Stick and other well-known products, the focus is on positioning the Ella Moon brand.

If people need to learn about your brand or your ideas suggest that your company story is a critical conversion factor, use EBC to showcase your brand.

Try some of these classic brand communication tactics.

  • Heritage
  • Credibility
  • Reliability
  • Ethical principles
  • Founder Story (What motivated you to create the company and the products?)
  • Price
  • Testimonials
In summary

So, we’ve seen why conversion rates are fundamentally essential and the virtuous circle of growth for products and brands that achieve high conversion rates.

Amazon takes the optimization of the list seriously. Whether a cheap t-shirt or a $ 229 doorbell, attention to detail goes through every registration.

This does not mean the same tactics, messaging, and visual styles are deployed on all products.

This means that Amazon has understood the importance of:

  • The intention of the user.
  • Advantages of the essential Product.
  • When to highlight features and technical information.
  • When is it better to play on emotional drivers?

We also saw how Amazon made the best use of each SEO feature to reinforce the critical positioning of the brand and Product.

Fighting customer objections and emphasizing that each Product meets their needs is crucial for producing lists with a high conversion rate.

Take the time to understand your products and how best to communicate them on the list page.

Make the most of features such as product variants and enhanced branded Content to present choices, comparisons, benefits, and specifications.

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