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“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” –Ferris Bueller.

My mind spreads somewhat profoundly, and when I’m alive, I will never forget them. For me, 20 July 2018 is one of them.

My boss sent me a “registration” diary on the first day.

Since our company’s second birthday, we have not registered; it was six months ago; this is my offer letter.

On my 60th anniversary of the company, I’ve already talked about the salary increase. The meeting is just a discussion.

Besides, we do not belong to the job listed.

They froze me when I was invited to the meeting, and I knew I would fire.

During my short period in society, I noticed that it happened with other people, and I thought it was just a matter of time.

At this time, I worked around 80 hours a week, which did not positively affect business.

My mental condition is under constant pressure, and thoughts and tears flow. In this case, I cannot do anything to improve this situation.

I feel dumb when it happens. So, I have never been fired.

I will never diagnose lousy performance.

It is an unknown area to me, but I remember leaving the office that day, and I am in the air with the rest, and I have security.

Most of the time, I cleaned my table. I know what I am entering; I will not see your sweat.

The next few days are very unusual. Now I have to apply for unemployment and decide that my bill should pay for a long time.

I just saved a dog, and their priority for training and maintenance is an important place on the list.

There is a new dog in my life.

They take me to take and take because I am responsible for it; I have to take care of myself.

Another gift I am glad to know is that my unlimited yoga membership is wholly paid, so I can do yoga because my body can handle it.

What’s happening in the summer? It was one of the best gifts I received.

I learned the lessons that made me a successful business.

I am in a consulting company where I support sales, marketing, strategy, and project management of new companies, small enterprises, and family businesses.

It is something I’ve learned.

  1. Demand What I Am Worth

I do not talk about money; it also happens.

Firing is the worst thing that can happen to me.

I’m wrong.

What’s worse.

Work in the place where I work

  • Not respect.
  • Maintaining different standards with your colleagues seems there is no reward.
  • Thanks to customers.
  1. Enjoy Pure Joy Every Day

Personally, personal care is more than just yoga and spa treatment (I cannot bear it now).

He went near the water with the dog, prepared delicious food, took a lot of rest and visited friends.

I spent the least money during the transfer, but I enjoyed life more.

I know it’s a great honour to take some time and know me more.

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  1. Save Money

I had never saved money before this change. I was dead when I was not happy. I spent a lot of money during my entire time restaurant.

I buy things and feel good, but I only provide for a short time.

Last year, I built the fund. I said – F * CK.

It will ensure I have enough money for any person who is unsuitable at any time for my company and for any reason.

I plan to use these funds to increase my pension and trip, but knowing that I can pay for my freedom is good.

  1. Do the Hard Things

When I was thinking about my next move, I was not planning to go alone.

I know what I want to share with my values in the mental health work environment, and I want people to work when I have to.

It can be tough to go alone. I must create a website, find customers, account management, IT, and myself.

All these people or departments will take care of what the excellent company gives me. But all provide power.

I have health insurance, retirement plans, and more backup computers if my core computer needs to be used by Genius Bar.

  1. Ask for Help

Although there may be confusing things and will continue, I can also help to help them.

I am with other founders and ask them to insist on that when they work.

When the problem becomes complicated, I walk and tell my friends that I am happy to drink or drink or ask a professional.

  1. Hold People Accountable

Back to your business, I join the community “based power.” He congratulated me with a blank check without supervision and the bubble board.

I spent my time and money and discovered how to connect with other groups. The responsibility begins and ends with me.

I answered all emails, linked messages, and cold calls. Educated “No, thank you” is very useful. =

I do not follow or follow a million times together with customers or partners.

A friendly reminder, two, more appropriate, but if you cannot do it, you say you will. I’m not going to do it, do not hunt.

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To Sum Up

Over the last year, it has been incredible how different my life is.

Although I learned that the lesson is persuasive this year, I want to say that the first year of the new business is more than being “the best.”

I learned to make mistakes and failures.

If you cannot make a crash from my article this week, I hope it is to try me.

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