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 Now, YouTube is getting it tough for copyright holders to apply unfair claims from taking creators’ revenue over short music clips.

The copyright holders use a manual reporting tool to reduce revenue from video clips containing concise paragraphs. They also use this tool to control videos with author-controlled music, such as background music.

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All video earnings will be transferred to the copyright holder upon request.YouTube has made manual changes to the archiving tool, so copyright holders cannot use it for videos that are too short or inadvertent.

This update applies only to copyright notices. This does not apply to requirements automatically generated by the YouTube Content Identifier retrieval system.

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The company claims that most claims are generated automatically. The new policy only covers some requirements.

Lastly, this update does not prevent copyright holders from blocking videos that contain extremely short or unintended use of music.

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The implementation of the new policy will enter into force in mid-September. Access denied by a copyright holder who continues to make dishonest claims.

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