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With these Bing local SEO tips, you’ll optimize your site. Though, there’s no question that Google is the main focus when optimizing a website. 

That said, it doesn’t need to be the only attention. Bing, Yahoo, and Baidu all come with millions of users.

These “secondary” search engines are often overlooked because of their small market share.

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Think about it; Not only does Bing support its research, but it also supports Yahoo.

After the merger, it represents 10.4%of the US market share. At first glance, this may seem small, but it represents millions of search engine queries (sellers often need to pay more attention to these problems).

With that in mind, here are eight tips to help you optimize your Bing site.

  1. Use Bing Places

Bing Places is a version of Microsoft’s Google My Business.

The goal is the same: to provide the best local search results.

To this end, Bing encourages websites that provide detailed information about their whereabouts.

Another significant difference: unlike Google, the Bing algorithm considers social signals from third parties, such as local Facebook ratings.

Add Your Business to the Bing Places

Although you’ve never used Bing, your business may appear automatically on the list.

If so, you can request business and make any necessary changes.

If you can’t find information about your business, you can add it by following the big instructions here.

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The next step in the process is authentication.

Bing Places must send an authorization code to verify your account so that no one can make unauthorized changes to your list.

You can check by SMS, phone, email or post.

Publish Your Business

Once verified, Bing will publish your business automatically.

  1. Set the Image – Bing Local SEO

Bing values ​​high-quality images, which are excellent from the user’s point of view.

Photography can be your home or work.

Remember, images are designed to create a lasting impression and to encourage potential customers to click on your site.

  1. Get Reviews

Online comments are your digital motto. Today, all criticism is wanted before the performance.

Customers are always encouraged to give honest opinions about their experiences.

Don’t be tempted to buy or give false reviews.

There is little doubt that one hundred and fifty stars are perfect.

Temporary“ hateful” comments will increase your credibility. It is also an essential source of comments for your business as it helps you identify previously unknown issues and helps you solve problems.

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  1. Use Social Media – Bing Local SEO

The Bing algorithm combines social signals to determine the quality of content, which affects the rating. Make sure you have a social presence.

Facebook and Twitter for everyone. It is also essential to be commonplace for other people in your area.

Instagram and Pinterest, for example, can be fascinating for a wedding photographer or interior designer, but for a lawyer who has had particular injuries, this is a waste of time.

The more social tips you get, more chances you have of participating in Bing.

Once again, avoid or buy impulses from subscribers.

Don’t post on social networks. For social networks to work, you need a real voice that only the owners or interested parties can make.

  1. Use Old School On-Page Optimization Techniques

The Bing algorithm is generally less complicated than Google’s and is based more on combining keywords with questions.

Think about Google before you write a hummingbird and data schedule.

Using the title (H1), subtitle (H2), and keywords in the opening paragraph, always move the cursor in Bing search results.

The same goes for adding specific keywords to the text and “choking”, paying attention to the density of the keywords.

Things are getting a little dangerous.

Optimizing Bing can damage the Google SERP application due to differences in algorithms. Therefore, Bing should have been addressed more.

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  1. Tags & Categories Are Important, Too

Tags and categories make your site easier for users to use with search terms.

If your site uses a CMS like WordPress, you can easily add tags and categories to every page, not just blog posts.

You can add a brief description of each page to the code section of your WordPress website, making it the perfect place to embed your most important keywords.

The snail is what you see in the URL after the main URL (e.g. The Bing search engine algorithm uses it to put you on SERP.

  1. Use Old School Link Building Methods

Bing’s inbound links have the same vision as Google.

According to our Webmaster Guidelines.

“The links on your site help Bing open new pages on its website. Traditionally, it is also considered a famous brand. Links to its content tell Bing that they trust the content. That’s why Bing Rewards links are organically designed so that links created by content providers over time to other trusted and relevant websites are designed to attract real users from your website to your site. Number and nature of incoming link abuse, such as buying links and participating in link programs. And forwarding functions) can result in Bing index pages being excluded.

In other words, it is generally assumed that the amount of contact always moves the Bing needles, perhaps in addition to the quality of the links.

At Bing, an exact search for text links seems more important than Google.

Remember that a low-value link (EMAT) text or exact search will give Google a red flag.

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  1. Speed ​​Up Your Site – Bing Local SEO

Page load time directly influences user experience.

Use Bing webmasters to check page load time.

If your site is operating slower than possible, this can help you improve it, such as using less JavaScript, compressing images, and minimizing CSS.


Although the market share is small compared to Google, Bing, and Yahoo, there are millions of search queries per day.

Smart marketers are looking for opportunities to attract this market.

Because these two algorithms work very differently, Bing optimization is risky and requires a successful balance.

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