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 Curbside pickup.

Buy online, pick up in-store.

Do these phrases ring a bell to you?

Phrases three or four years ago were not known to the average consumer and appeared in our daily lives.

Curbside pickups like Red Robin and Applebee have always existed.

But if you take the time to look around, you may notice a grocery store such as Walmart, Whole Foods, and Kroger. All parking spaces are reserved for customers who buy online and shop at the store (BOPIS).

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It is also a sign of a safe age and a sign of retail.

Example: I used BOPIS for the first time to sell retail clothing in the NordstromSemi-Annual sale. They offer discounts of up to $ 10 for future purchases, which leads to customers checking their support functions in the store and being active.

At the end of the summer, I arrived at Nordstrom and found that the whole corner of the store had turned into a BOPIS distribution centre.

To facilitate the return process, they even have a particular tester for customers to try before leaving the store.

Experts are ready to process returns and receive inventory in their online distribution systems.

They reduce shipping costs and return goods to the warehouse in near real-time, allowing other consumers to complete transactions before the sale ends.

Association is a euphemism here.

So how is BOPIS here?

We will review them to see the growth of this new retail experience, its strengths and weaknesses, and its impact on retail today and tomorrow.

Is BOPIS a Phenomenon or Fad?

Consumers are looking for more flexible ways to save time and money on purchases, and Boris addresses this need.

The number of locations where BOPIS sold in grocery stores nearly doubled in 2018.

If customers are increasingly responding to their needs, it’s hard for them to take the time to leave the store like me, have a home for their newborn, or take comfort in buying things on their own; BOPIS accelerates the growth of-commerce transactions.

It will only continue to increase this Christmas season.

In 2018,27.5, % of buyers planned to shop online and use the BOPIS distribution services on holidays.

When Periscope asked 1,101 consumers if they would consider choosing a store, 78% of consumers answered well.

In other words, BOPIS is here. The question is, are you ready to accept this?

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Many Traditional Retailers Are Struggling – Don’t Be One of Them

The struggle to connect modern and modern consumers is difficult for retailers.

In 2017, the financial services firm Credit Suisse predicted to close 1 in 4 U.S. malls in 2022. It is due to many announcements about the closure of stores and commercial bankruptcies, such as Sears, Lord & Taylor, SecretVictoria, Gymboree, GNC and Toys R Us.

Traditional retail is currently struggling, and stores need to rethink and restructure their business and customer experience to support operations.

For example, supermarket chains benefit from the development of e-commerce and the expansion of distribution capabilities to meet consumer demand.

Wal-Mart’sonline sales grew 37%, partly due to the expansion of food and fashion design changes and the experience of a domestic buyer who broke the first-quarter result.

Here are a few tips to stay ahead of the retail game:

Stop Operating in a Silo

Expect transactions to occur on a specific date based on customers, obligations, and experience.

Stop working in the bunker.

Instead, develop a seamless infrastructure integration into the store and online.

Personalized services from the client to the end are delivered to customers, regardless of the stage of the acquisition process.

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Technology Investment

Invest in technology to unleash the value and power of data and create the experiences that users expect, for example:

  • Personalized recommendations.
  • In-store availability.
  • Making product fulfillment and returns possible both online and in-store.

Quick Tips to Catch BOPIS Growth This High Season

The holiday season is nearby and at our doors, as four out of ten buyers plan to start the season before November 1.

But most importantly, 55% of the plan is online. (Unsurprisingly, online sales Statistahave reached double-digit growth since 2010).

A study of Microsoft’s internal advertising data may reveal trends around the BOPIS phenomenon, especially during the holiday season.

  • We found that, on average, BOPIS users need to convert in less than three days, and 82% of BOPIS customers do it in one day.
  • The main categories for BOPIS are not limited to products but include home furnishings, clothing, furniture, and interiors for men and women.

But how do you transform a statistical description into action?

Here are some ways to set up a digital campaign to take advantage of:

Know & Target Consumers Throughout Their Customer Journey

Microsoft ad found that finding internal data is integral to a customer’s journey.

It means you can quickly and effectively attract and transform your audience through remarketing efforts and marketing groups.

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If You Offer a Range of Options, Let the Customer Know!

Spread the word through custom keywords, advertisements, ad extensions, and landing pages to enable collection or delivery from the store.

Use Local Advertising

These retailers should sell their stores in the store.

For example, when a customer is very close to a physical store in the store and is looking for products that he carries, a search engine advertises with store notifications that are available and available in stock.

Grow Demographic Targeting with Millennials

MicrosoftAdvertising found that 28% of millennials are willing to pay more for BOPS. Therefore, pay more attention to the efforts of this generation.

Measure Real Impact by Tracking Online Clicks that Generate Offline Transactions.

In other words, when you provide in-store purchases with online clicks, take the time to determine if your paid search has increased offline revenue.

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Its time to greet new consumers as follows:

  • Give them countless purchase/collection options, including online shopping and in-store collections.
  • Develop a trading strategy based on what is possible rather than what has already been done.

Use this high season as a motivation to try something new and reorganize your digital marketing efforts.

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