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10 Social Media Lessons You Could Apply in Your Daily Life
 Applying social media lessons in your daily life is important as social media can bring out the best and worst in us. It can be a place to pretend that your life is always roses or broadcast just how rotten you feel about it.

It may be where we build and destroy them because they are different from us.

Because it is not a real personal contact, social networks look like West’s behavior.

Although each platform defines no rules, the micro-phase of social networks always has its winners and horses.

The most successful people follow their guidelines. (In addition to trolls, they say they can use successfully troll, which is equivalent to winning a stool game!)

Even the most harmful people in the community (including me) may succeed on the social network.

But how can we move this success into the real world?

We often try to learn from life and learn it to apply to social networks, but I want to reverse this trend.

Look at some of the lessons learned from the micro-stages of the social network and see how we can use them to succeed in the vital steps of life.

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Lesson 1: We Are All Humans

Always remember that you are talking to a real person, whether online or offline. common people

The the glory of the online is that the social structure that separates us can only disappear.

If you sometimes know what to talk about, you will find that its physical well position will likely allow any form of dialogue.

Bryan Eisenberg says‏: “The value of social networks is the ability to share the same ideas with people, but real social relations are incompatible with them incompatible with them.”

The value of social media is the ability to connect with like-minded people, but the true life value is when you turn those connections into real-life social connections. Bring it from online to offline.

Old, Male or Female, Rich or Poor, Religious or Conflict, Gay or Direct, Republican or Democrat, Young, or all are not crucial for those looking for a real dialogue.

It does not have to leave your beliefs, but this makes a difference in communication. They are ready to see the following labels online and offline, just like people.

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Lesson 2: Be Kind – Social Media Lessons

Life is full of options. With each conversation, you can choose some shame or shame.

Although we can change our opinion, we should express their views.

It is why our mother taught us. It is not good to say that if we do not have a good time.

We cannot “fax” people, condemn, insult, or indicate that their mistakes have never changed their ideas. What will be good because of that?

Remember, the wrong person sometimes does good things. The injured people often engage them. Ian James Smith wrote: “Whatever, there should be good characters online.” The perfect “people do not know the pain of hiding the world, so first, it’s always the best.”

I’m writing a post and presentation titled: Lessons From the Micro Stage of Social Media to Apply to the Main Stage of Life (too wordy?) Anyway… #writingcommunity Send me your lessons. (examples helpful). Go!

Beckah Matz responded. Help others and, have mercy on others, be honest because you do not know that one can live in the real world. “

Support others and be kind. Just be decent because you don’t know what someone may be going through in the real world.

Lesson 3: Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

It’s easy to assume that everyone’s life is better than yours.

You see your favorite holidays, photos of your smiling kids and noisy pet. Most goods, unmarried people, ideal shoes, cheats, etc.: but did they see all pictures before and after a few minutes happened to be incomplete

Many problems under pleasure varnish are easy to hide.

Bambi Sommers tells us: “Do not think that the best is to see other people’s announcements and statements and feel that you cannot achieve it, it’s not true, we Everyone is going to fight. “

Refrain from assuming everyone is doing better than you. It’s easy to see the ads and statements of others and feel you can’t live up to that. It’s just not true. We all struggle. To write. To get sales. To have our voices heard above the noise. Support each other. Lift each other.

Most people only show you a small part of their lives. In the best case, this is an incomplete image.

If you work hard to achieve your life, you will be disappointed because it is impossible. They cannot.

Lesson 4: Small Things Get Amplified, Important Things Get Buried

There is no difference where you are; you know that people can hear what you want to hear.

We pay attention to most details rather than focus on general information. It is is real online, as our 24-hour news cycle is, as in your workplace.

Jason Channell said: “Social networks raise influence on thrilling, become a resonant chamber.” Focus Economy “often ignores the important things of everyday life and boring.”

-Social media has become an echo chamber that amplifies the sensational. 

-The quotidian, boring things that are important, often get short shrift in the “attention economy.”

-One of the smartest things you can do is build your brand online in the right places.

You cannot control what people are paying attention to, which is sometimes ignored by other elements that their thoughts and good ideas absorb out of the room.

You cannot touch it because sometimes it is the only way of life.

Lesson 5: You Don’t Always Have an Edit Button – Choose Your Words Wisely

Always say what you have said and focus on what you are.

You never know who can hear or see what you say or do in the real world.

Although the media presentation and deleting buttons have not been cancelled in real life, you can get an apology for your mistakes and hope to reduce losses.

Kelly Dodd says in Appendix A, “In other words”, As an expert in divorce law attorney, I recommend reminding that I have its publications on the social network of the users “, microphones(social network). There is a concern. For the courts) People take appropriate action.”

As a former divorce lawyer, I recommend you remind people their social media posts will be “Exhibit A.”

In other words, the micro stage of social media IS the main stage of life (at least as far as a court is concerned). People should act accordingly.

The truth is that you need to find out who is listening.

At the age of monitoring, your Alex can make personal conversations and send strangers by email.

When you talk about it, you can dial anyone. The point here is that you should be careful where you are.

Chris Silver Smith reminded us, “. It is not good that the results of the social network are not good, but defamation or fraud is unacceptable because”.

Just because it’s social media doesn’t mean it doesn’t have real-world consequences. The opinion is fine, but defamation or fraud is not okay.

Conversely, exercise care in the real world when trying to make a pic or video to post – else your online reputation can explode.

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Lesson 6: Don’t Say Anything You Wouldn’t Say to Someone’s Face

Ryan Freeman said: “In your heart, writing your fingers, social networking sites give an internal picture unfolded and mutual interactions and limitations of personal responsibility are eliminating/relieving.”

Out of the overflow of the heart, the fingers type. 

Social media gives an unfiltered view into your heart, with the constraints of personal interaction and accountability removed/lessened.

Social network is similar to talking about people instead of email.

When we think it is safe, we often say what we believe, but how many times is it sent to the person you are talking to?

Something especially in a closed environment like friends or work groups.

As my wife said, please do not click on the thing you want to see the world because someone will have to do it sooner or later.

I will offer tips to go ahead one step and that the people do not trust you, the secret of your words is unexpectedly visible unless you are ready.

Julie Joyce described these conditions: “Say something carefully that you will regret”.

Think hard before you say something stupid that you’ll regret.

Lesson 7: Have a Thick Skin – Social Media Lessons

According to Lesson 6, you will get a time when he is angry, blamed, injured, or humiliated. Preparing the skin, so it is thick enough to remove the material from behind is useful.

You cannot live your life; think of others and how you feel about yourself. Kristy Morrison said: “The opinions of others so that they are treating them.”

The opinions of others are just that. Treat them accordingly.

In places where you can always learn from other’s perspectives, you cannot give them pain.

Nobody appreciates everyone. You only need help from staff; the rest is optional.

On one such thing, DC Wright-Hammer said, “People are also busy thinking about themselves because you do not believe, so we miss you as if you believe. Answer that the frequency is based on the quality of their response. “

People don’t think about you as much as you think about yourself because they’re too busy thinking about themselves (not selfishly, but self-sustainingly). Please don’t make assumptions about someone based on how often they respond to you but on the quality of their responses why

When we are not real, we often worry about what others think about us (or not).

They are more concerned about what you think!

It is also the case when you do something foolish. After ten minutes, only one person you can remember, maybe you. Let’s go.

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Lesson 8: Know When to Unfollow, Unfriend, and Walk Away

It is a big problem; I think only some people can do this.

We often take pride in the real world and the number of friends and contacts, but not all connections are active.

Sometimes, we do not tolerate the worst of those with us.

On the Internet, I asked a question about people who live in a loss or are often disturbed for some reason. Why do not you do this in real life?

Everyone has elections, law, politics, and what he has done. Me also.

But I do not have to complete the work. Please tell me what I think about it. I do not have to listen to others.

It’s good to be good with family or friends. You have to choose the people around you. Be sure to tell others to tell you.

Danny Goodwin suggested “lose yourself in the following crowd:

  • It’s positive
  • Make you happy
  • Accept your “dissatisfaction” as an action (not a mistake).
  • You think
  • Ready to prepare.
  • Do not accept anger when they are not present.

You can choose “Family” – online or offline. “

Surround yourself with people who:

Are positive.

Make you happy.

Accept your “imperfections” as features (rather than bugs).

Make you think.

Are willing to evolve.

Don’t assume bad intentions when none exist.

You can choose your “family” – online or off.

Lesson 9: Learn the Art of Engagement

For many years, there is not a platform for publishing or broadcasting social media but a platform for participation.

If you want to be friends in the social or real world, you must learn how to interact with people. Here are some tips I’ve learned.

Start with Thanksgiving

It is what I want to do every day. I’m trying #DailyGratitude #FirstTweetOf The Day one.

Why is it not very encouraging in the world?

Even today (as I wrote), someone answered a message that I am thankful for every day, and he told me that I helped him restore his faith in human nature.

Ha, Lala! Also, only my daughter Bella, baby and beer; even thankful is not too deep. (I spent a day in “B”).

But it is, does not need effects. For many years, I have tried to thank my first thoughts.

Well, the first thing after a fool! But if we start happily every day, I am willing to bet it not only affect others but also myself.’

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Don’t One Up

In the correct case, only the player can enjoy the game. But in general, daily interactions focus on going beyond just one go.

If you are talking, it will be appreciated if to share the same experience.

But before you make an accident-bidding game, it takes a few minutes to ask questions, which will deepen the second-party experience. Friendship has been established in such a way.

Don’t Be All About Yourself

Also, building excellent communication and relationships means we can only sometimes focus on ourselves.

We all have “friendship”, and everything seems to move in one direction. Usually, it is not extended.

You focus on others; you have more quality relationships, especially if everyone focuses on others.

Of course, that does not mean you can never talk about yourself; you need to worry about what others have to say.

Address People by Name

In social networks, you should be careful not to answer anyone, especially if you ask questions.

More than once, someone interfered and answered that the problem was everybody, not a specific person.

Do not worry, but with questions, we can solve this problem.

In the real world, people like to hear people give their names (the way they do not talk or communicate with them). Say, “Hey, Sandy” has two completely different levels.

If you have an opportunity, use someone else’s name while talking with it because it’s the most important thing.

Don’t Give One-Word Answers – Make Conversation

(Or husband) with someone’s son can understand the following: try starting a conversation and respond with a word.

If anyone has questions about talking, you can say they are using a word to find multiple answers.

So don’t say yes, no, okay, okay, stupid, evil or something else; have some flavor to follow these simple words! Because the conversation needs two.

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Add to – Don’t Take Away

And to understand the first two points better, always try adding them to a conversation rather than losing it.

In a better comedy task, you always say “yes” to the person you mentioned previously.

If they say you are horses, you are horses. Because you answered “no”, you have reduced your breathing.

Even with the social network, Also, if real life is.

Although you do not always have to say “Yes” to everything, you want to measure your answer to add it to a conversation instead of keeping it.

Even differences can describe in such ways that promote communication instead of stopping someone.

Lesson 10: Manage Your Reputation – You Are the Only You That You Get

Lastly, do nothing in your life that can harm your reputation.

Kristy Morrison remembers: “You are 100%responsible, but you are representing a brand image worldwide, but it only controls 50% of how it has received.”

You are 100% responsible for the brand image you put into the world. But only 50% are in control of how it’s received.

This is a very careful warning. Even if you think you’re playing safely, your words can be explained by other people who have platforms and want to hurt you.

Chris Silver Smith “Similarly, consider the effects of Logan Paul’s video on Japanese suicide and find the pictures taken in the Holocaust endangered camp to think about what you do in the real world. Social Network, or If you get fame in the real world! “

In that latter vein, note how Logan Paul’s vid in Japan’s suicide forest impacted him & how terrible those selfie pics in Holocaust death camps make people look. Think about what you’re doing in the real world to get ahead in social media, or your real-world reputation is toast!

However, you should have it yourself. Of course, protect your reputation, but as Jenny Halasz told us: “Be honest in everything, do not hide or test your elements, your passion, your troubles, and desires is the basis of your personality.”

Be authentically you in all things. Do not hide or censor elements of yourself. Your passions, faults, and desires are all critical parts of who you are.

Showing your best version is fine, but always ensure you offer your people, not the version of others, you want. And do not be afraid of trying new things.

I agree with Mona Elesseily. “I want to focus on growth and leave my comfort zone, and I want to do this in all aspects of life, life, fitness, family, and so on.”

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