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 Google has said that It doesn’t require fixing structured data warnings.

In Webmaster Hangout, e-commerce publishers complain about structured data warnings about inappropriate product fields. They refused to trust the wrong information to succeed. John Mueller replied that there was a difference between a hint and an error.

The author of this question sells handmade products. They do not have a global identifier. However, Google Structured Data Validators warn vendors that they need this tag.

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Here is the question:

“There was a problem with my unique objects in the JSON schema tag. I don’t have a global tag; the search console warned me without adding one.

I refuse to invent one.

John Mueller’s answer:

Then there are two things. On the other hand, this is a warning. So, don’t let everything go wrong.

It just says it helps us to have an identity card here. Therefore, if there are multiple versions of a product, or if several sell the same product, we may combine them.

That does not mean we do not want to deal with this. It is not a mistake; it is just a warning.

You do not need to correct any warnings. Many websites have structured information warnings, which is ideal.

There is no need to correct structured information warnings.

This is a clear guide to the Google Structured Data Inspector. You can accept the warning if you cannot provide the structured data tool with the necessary information.

However, all saved errors must be corrected.

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Mueller followed up with a caveat:

On the other hand, depending on the number of products you sell, it may be convenient to get one of the tags so you can use it; mainly, if you sell something that the other sells, this may make sense.

But in the end, this part is yours. I wouldn’t find them.

Clearly, you have just registered your company and can start listing your products. It may not be difficult (I don’t know).

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But once again, this is a warning that it will not destroy everything.

Google Mueller offers good advice. It is better to do this if you can provide the necessary information.

Takeaways:– Structured Data Warnings

  • Google does not require publishers to use structured data testing tools to fix alerts.
  • Google is asking publishers to correct the errors
  • Google encourages publishers to fix the warnings as much as possible.

Sometimes this means going further. Using 100% with the Structured Data Checking Tool is a good idea, even if it is a warning. Adding information can help you get more traffic.

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