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 Where are we going with SEO? Michelle Robbins (MR): This is a huge question; the answer is that it happens in many places. Research is not just a place.

Because ‘Google’s technology has evolved, how it evaluates the information consumed has changed, depending on how the device is changing and how people use it.

Everything is connected.

Google can do better for the places they have always wanted.

‘Google’s mission is to be the best answer.

There are a lot of right answers for many things now, so we have different research results.

But in the end, if you think about what they really want and how they get there, go back and see where we are. We can stay for one more year. But all with:

  • How does the device change?
  • How does the interaction between people and entities develop?

Because Google has to answer all these questions.

This is not fair, and you need information. Enter the question in the search field.

People get information from different places.

People consume information in different ways.

As a result, many changes Google has observed, especially over the past 12–18 months, reflect changes in this behavior. It is not just Google running on this bus.

They need to focus on what happens in the real world: users and organizations.

Therefore, this is a lot of mutual concessions.

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Will there be many years of traditional SEO practice? Or do you think we are waiting for the profound and massive changes that have happened almost overnight?

MR: [Google] gives us the information they want us to have.

I am curious to know whether they should be more open than before. They may have found that if they give us more information, they can get better results.

But they give us what they need, and what we understand, what they need.

Thereason why the window moves so long is not that Google cannot cope with it, adapt to it or return to it because the market cannot.

This is because you have many sites that you have never seen. Google has more details because if your website is not fast, you will not rate it.

Finally, they removed the bandage and said: “Now we will judge you, if you are slow, do not complain.” They are very clear.

They can increase the market this way and know it, but they have to be careful.

Since they must always serve users, they still need better information. Sometimes the best news is not available on the mobile site.

Remember that a fast website will benefit from this search result whenever the same conditions are. But everything is the same, everything is slow, and Google always needs everyone to be faster.

Now we have a plank, and we think: “Well, we saw the speed tool, we did a greatjob.”

But when the 5G is implemented, people start using it, and the device can work faster; the arrow will start moving again.

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Thus, sites that were previously considered soon no longer exist. You have to set it up again.

We can never create the world we need and the work we do with our customers. This is a state of constant development.

Google will launch it because it can. They have a range that we all need. We must respond

But they will drive as many people as possible. Because they still have to provide useful data.

Ofcourse, from artificial intelligence, most of the artificial intelligence is currently controlled by the server. That is why you see good and bad results.

BrentCsutoras (BC): If you think about what to do, the future of research is more complete and includes all aspects of marketing with high quality.

It requires you to evaluate yourself and decide:

  • Are you an expert?
  • What are you good at?
  • What can make something meaningful?
  • How can I put it on all different channels?

MR: That’s right. No matter where you are, how are you fundamentally expanding?

Your message may be different because you will give mixed messages to the audience tick Tok, for example, four-colour advertising in Vogue.

The message will be different, and the picture will be different.

But whatever channel you use, you should always play your brand.

If you clearly understand the brand and how it communicates, you can contact several demographic groups (if your brand points to several demographic groups).

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Therefore, you should know who your customers are and find them where they are.

Regarding search engine optimization, we focus on Google rather than global thinking.

Should companies and SEO stop paying attention?

MR: Oh, the keyword. If I have to talk to a keyword at another time, I can fool myself.

It is tough to keep people away from things you can easily follow, understand and see.

People use research very well and know they will do the same if they want to limit it.

Last week I talked to someone who spoke about keyword density. I think, “Well,we will not hire you.”

If you look at your resume, someone will think you will go further because you have enough time in the industry.

But sometimes the time we spend can be wrong for us. Because everything starts with keywords, and this is the center of attention. And you have never done this before, you excluded.

People need to understand the possibilities of search engine optimization and the development and change of Google, which is a more creative opportunity.

When we specifically talk about content, we need to understand that the best content resonates and understands readers. You will always have a few keywords.

No more need to fill the content with keywords.

Talk about it and talk like a real person.

Write content as an author to write a story.

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How do you see link building?

MR: I have the most unfortunate vision to strengthen link building.

Everyone says that “links are always important,” because they can produce all of this in “data,” which means that no other elements understand Google’s very complex algorithms.

The Union is what should happen naturally. This is more like propaganda.

Many agents have done an excellent job in this area because they have developed unique content.

They then sold the content to the right point of sale and the public to get the link.

But rely on something other than the link as a number. They are concerned about the quality of the traffic that these links will generate.

These are two different disciplines. We are just PR.

When we talk about link building, we talk about premium content marketing.

If you think about the number of links I can get, no matter how good the quality of these links is, it won’t be very good. Google can detect this, and I do not believe this is an excellent long-term strategy.

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About content production – SEO

M: The key to creating valuable content. I know that people hate to hear it because the problem is that it’s hard to get good content.

When you have something to write, a unique perspective for sharing, and useful information for sharing, you have to write.

Think about how often Bill Slawski wrote. When he wrote well, he wrote. This shows that it can deepen the topic and provide a large amount of high-quality information.

This is the frequency people should point to, and this content will eventually be discovered, distributed and won in the long run.

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