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 SEO community responds to Google no follow advice. Google’s John Mueller, at a recent time, stated that there was no ranking benefit to get no follow to all outbound links. 

Some SEO community members tweeted that it’s only sometimes possible to track all links in the real world. John Mueller realized how difficult it is to follow links. He further said that no follow’s lighting could have been more specific.

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Google’s John Mueller on No following All Links

No follow is an HTML attribute that you can add to a link. This attribute tells Google that the link is unreliable and should not be counted as a link. The result is not an advantage for broadcast classification (also known as link signal).

Then follow the attribute created, so bloggers may say that links in search engine comments should not be approved.

The Twitter discussion triggered an article citing Hangouts web admins citing Google’s John Mueller, saying that news editors should believe in the author’s work. He said the link would not be a no follow.

John Mueller’s following statement sparked a heated debate on Twitter:

“I know, I don’t know which links you can trust. But overall, if you are a news editor, you must believe what you write.”

Or you should understand how much of the content you write is the actual content you want to index and represent.

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If this is what you want to protect, make sure you have a standard link. “

Comments from the No follow SEO Community.

Well-known brands expert Martin MacDonald initiated the discussion.

This is his first comment:

“…@JohnMu talks about the purely theoretical and technical point of view of SEO.

*Actually *: links that don’t follow the pages of major publishers are the easiest way to reduce the number of links producers to sell website content instead of checking every project! “

John Mueller replied: – Google No follow Advice.

“I agree with that. The scale is complicated, but it is still vague. The content guides and illustrations are more detailed. Why not refer to this? Is this a problem with the missing part?

Martin responded to John Mueller’s description that using nofollow is vague:

“The lazy doesn’t fit here.” @JohnMu

You ask them to investigate whether the link has been paid or is legal, which does not give them any benefit and is not universal non-participation.

If Google wants to pay a high price, I’m fine. Otherwise, there is a better solution. “

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Another editor said he could not track 400,000 user sites:

“Managing 400,000 user sites, how can it be scaled? This is not true. Therefore, we do not follow.

But when Ryan Jones replied, user-created websites have a good reason not to trust links published by site authors. Adding no follow to a link created by user content is a proper use of no follow because no follow is created. But it broke the boundaries of news editors:

“User-created websites are one thing. But for large publications, such as magazines or Forbes, “we don’t think our authors can connect,” we should not believe in the integrity of their work. Enough black hole in PageRank. “

Martin MacDonald replied that corruption is fundamentally human. This is an external link because links can help a website get a higher ranking, so the link is the main product. Goods are things that you can create and sell.

The following is a response from Martin:

“Ryan’s humanity… humanity. Suppose you have a thousand newspapers, at least one of which will depend on money for beer. It’s easier not to follow the party.

Martin’s “beer money” is designed to give people an idea of ​​the low price of authors’ bribes.

Author of Corruption and Online Publications

Crime is popular in online advertisements. Some content companies sell their articles to publishers, but there are advertiser links. Paid items (for well-known companies) include links to companies that paid for their links for publication in the article.

These content releases are paid for by publishers who publish content and companies who want to link to these articles.

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There is another link market called Niche Edits. An external broker pays the author to add a link to a previously published article. The broker pays the author to link a previously published article. Link brokers charge dealers who prefer to buy links.

DavidIwanow recommends not continuing to monitor user content:

“Publisherscan control this, but some say that UGC may be better, but they do not followit, because it is usually a fraud. Business problems… “

Is It Worth Believing What You Wrote? Google Nofollow Advice.

Google’sJohn Mueller said: “If you are a news editor, you must believe in your topic.” Martin MacDonald understood from experience that reality is more complex.

From this discussion, it becomes clear that links are a commodity, so some publishers believe that the best way to deal with authors of corrupt content is not to add a continuation to all links.

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