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 Do you need more content ideas? If your brain feels squeezed and your eyes hurt from skimming article after article about finding new topics and brainstorming, it’s time to examine the issue from a new angle.

Particularly the research angle.

Look for material ideas, not from scratches, to provide ideas and concrete proof; yes, your viewer will love it. This is because you trust the source itself to provide content.

Duck, what the public wants to read, write your questions and questions, and evaluate their interest. This is to find gold.

Here are some practical ways to extract and combine material with public support through the old practice.

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  1. Build networks to connect and communicate with potential possibilities

To find the best content ideas, keep track of the network and real conversations with your possibilities.

Ofcourse, to do this, you must understand your audience and participate in your industry and community.

Then, it’s time:

  • Find, follow and contact social networks with your friends.
  • Pay attention to your social traffic and take the opportunity to share and comment on others’ posts.
  • Do not be afraid to participate in a chat room or be an ideal audience member.
  • Staff that are in touch with you and ask you to choose your mind.
  • Take part in local industry events and conferences and discuss interesting topics!
  • Record and document your issues and issues in your online adventure.

To do this, you must wait to complete it in a month and ask it to go out.

You need to invest time on the web to gain interest in others.

Take advantage of your brand and goodness to enhance your social circle with mercy and curiosity.

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  1. Mine live chats for content ideas.

Next step: If you use chat on your website, these conversations are a great source of content creation.

OurLive Chat Tool is Drift in My Online Content Agency.

One of the best features of Drift is the ability to view and close all conversations.

Using this tool, I often use real-time discussions on our website to know what customers are asking.

How many times have I seen problems and problems? These are the things you need to jump and write.

For example, our audience is interested in SEO-related topics; marketing is incorporated mainly. Here’s an example of a chat: this user asks about Google Carousel:

Because we have many questions about SEO, 30% of our blog content rotates around these issues.

Talk to the live chat platform, see the trends, and quickly use them to create relevant content.

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  1. Listen to phone calls from sales.

To create content, you should pay attention to all other sales channels: Contact your sales team with potential customers.

These phones have gold mining with potential material issues, especially if users ask questions about their service/product questions.

What do you think if you hear the same question again? There is a time to answer a few pieces of meat.

Call tracking and registration are provided as built-in functions if you use the Customer Relationship Management System as soon as HubSpot or Salesforce. Take advantage of these material resources.

  1. Create a channel for your team to share frequently asked questions from possible customers

If you use session marketing to provide content ideas, include other team members in submitting information.

Specifically, create a channel where your team can share frequently asked questions about conversations with potential customers. Combining this information in one place will make your research and analysis easy.

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Some of the best collaboration platforms that work well include:

  • Slack
  • Trello
  • GoogleDrive
  • Airtable

Channels can be combined as common Google documents or broken sales channels. Use content that improves your team’s flow of flow.

Rewards: Issues collected from prospective customers and customers can not only create blog topics but can also be the main topics for pages that can be lost on other sites. Win

  1. Leave your office after studying (let your mind enter)

To suggest content processing, the last tip is to breathe your thoughts. This step was taken at the end of the investigation meeting.

Specifically, once you are satisfied with the amount of data collected, leave the office term once. Do not write directly.

Because after this study, you know you can give the brain time to cope with what you find.

According to dozens of studies, the mental break allows you to renew your attention, increase productivity, and create a bright, creative creation.

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Leave the place to throw these new ideas, ideas and investigative ingredients.

You will come with high-quality artificial material that will bring brightness and value to your audience. (Yes, I allow you to leave your desk once in a while).

Creating the creative potential of content outside expectations – Content Ideas

If you use this technology with others to present your technology ideas, then…

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If your content is like everyone else.

To distinguish yourself, try exploring the research-based unexpected adjective modes. Check out the available data sources and work on a spy handicraft.

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