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 Marketing and AI is a topic that evokes many opinions and predictions.

I have heard that people are concerned that artificial intelligence is reducing people’s jobs and that they are usually worried about technical problems.

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However, I have heard many others, including Paul Roetzer, explain how artificial intelligence can improve a person’s knowledge and ability.

After buying this year’s MAICON (Artificial Intelligence Conference), I sat next to him.

In July, hundreds of marketers met at MAICON in Cleveland, Ohio, to better understand artificial intelligence and its impact today and into the future.

Participants are marketing experts from various fields, from research experts to advertisers and journalists.

Over 50 speakers from Facebook, HubSpot, IBM, MIT Technology Review and Yext.

The following is a summary of some of the information conferences.

Learn Machine Learning

I decided to deepen artificial intelligence and attend seminars before the Machine Teachers Conference, led by Jim Stern, Honorary Director of the Association for Digital Analysis.

AI is a generic term for solving specific problems. Machine learning falls into this category and is the status quo of artificial intelligence.

Machine learning is divided into three categories:

  • Supervised learning.
  • Unsupervised learning.
  • Reinforcement learning.

Guided Learning focuses on statistics, not scabies, but helps machine learning to mark data.

Teaching without a teacher happens when you do not know the answer and want the machine to search for patterns in untagged information.

Strengthening learning consists of finding results and better answers than others. The following documents summarize the types of training and other key terms:

For machine learning to work, you must provide a wealth of information and set specific goals. There should also be some control.

In short, you have three responsibilities.

  • Define the problem.
  • Identify which data might be useful to the machine.
  • Ask yourself: Does the outcome make sense?

In practical terms, machine learning can help you with many repetitive tasks, such as:

  • Lead scoring
  • Meeting scheduling
  • Personalizing content
  • Inbound email sorting
  • Social media monitoring
  • Programmatic advertising
  • Creating social media messages and ad copy
  • Correlations
  • Segmentation
  • Clustering
  • Identifying anomalies

Become a Marketing AI Pioneer

Although it is considered new technology, AI continues to support our lives.

When you talk to Sira on Alexa on your iPhone or Amazon Echo, you can set up an automated smartphone to simplify your life.

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Marketing also did there.

Paul Rooter predicts that everything we do will be intelligent and automated in three to five years.


Artificial intelligence improves the knowledge and ability of both people and marketers. Reduce costs with intelligent automation of repetitive and knowledge-based operations.

AI also allows marketers to make predictions and create settings for consumers.

Finally, AI can make the brand more human. Paul strongly commented in his speech: “We are not trying to replace people. We are trying to unleash their full potential. “

You can find more information in this guide on Artificial Intelligence Marketing.

Think of Voice as the New Mobile

If you want to see artificial intelligence today, consider voice search.

Mitchell, the founder of Six Pixels Group, said there is already a large user base for voice search, which is a great way to integrate AI.

Audio Research is becoming a new smartphone, and it is expected that 30% of researchers will have no evidence by 2020. The growth is reflected in the widespread use of smart speakers.

Today, about a quarter of Americans over 12 are intelligent speakers. These devices are intuitive and easy to use, as more and more smart speaker users have confirmed.

Audio technology has previously changed the availability of other technologies. It surrounds you.

Take Google, for example. Not only did Google find the right answer, but it also realized that it should be fair, fast, and easy to use.

What do we have in voice assistant?

Currently, we only place orders for assistants. But as a salesperson, you can create this application or this “deadly” skill for smart speakers.

Think of speech as a new mobile device. It becomes the gateway to all technologies and remote control in life.

Recognition that Machine Learning is Changing the Perspective of Search

We are out of the study and are in the early stages.

According to Dwayne Forrester, research has been conducted over the last 20 years. This happens when you have an idea and type it into a search engine.

Now we are more advanced and find our answer with discovery.

“Finding a restaurant near my house” is a good example. Google has started using artificial intelligence on Google Maps, which you can see in the Forrester presentation below.

You can place your smartphone in an area that gives you information about what you see. The company must have the right information.

The customer’s journey always starts with a question, and Google says he cares more than the answer. This is where marketing efforts come from.

In general, marketing strategies have developed. We cover demographic, psychological, behavioural, and intentional marketing.

Intentional marketing could be more problematic. This information is available to sellers. Answer the questions yourself through your website.

Then answer the questions elsewhere. Make sure that AI-based services, such as voice smokers and search engines, provide a proven brand response to customer requests.

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Another Takeaway

Today, many speakers responded to the same message about artificial intelligence, namely machine learning.

For machine learning to work effectively, you need to provide information. This technology is integrated with multiple platforms.

For example, think of the last book you wrote in Gmail. Does auto-suggestion match your writing style? He studies the car.

Behaviour is continually changing, and AI can change.

Don’t worry about what AI offers; implement new technology and Imagine how to use it as a better search marketer.

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