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 Many SEOs have reported having Google My Business listings suspended after including short names on their profile.

In April, a short name was introduced to allow companies to create custom URLs for their business listings.

Joining a short name will result in suspending and terminating the legal certificate of the list.

All companies are not suspended for including short names, but this common issue suspends randomly.

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JoeYoungblood raised public awareness on this issue on Twitter:

In another tweet, Youngblood shared additional details about the Facebook Group.

Obviously, after deleting the short name, the announcement has been stopped after the short name is restored.

You can see in the screenshot that the person said that only 2 out of 10 records are suspended only after adding a short name.

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This short name is not a separate case. Most companies have no problem, or we will get further complaints.

However, there is no doubt that in a series of recent breaks, the short name is the main topic again.

Always report a new case for this issue. Today, Lily Ray tweeted that a company on which she was working saw that GMB’s list had been suspended after adding a short name.

Google has not confirmed Google My Business Listing’s short-term error, nor has it acknowledged that the problem was understood.

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Therefore, all this proof is a renewal, and the consensus is that short-term problems can be solved. If you recently stopped the minibusses green list after adding the short name, then the best way to finish it is.

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