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Do you want to grow your online presence by advertising on YouTube? At A One Sol, our social media marketers can help with all features of your YouTube marketing services, including:


A One Sol provides video marketing services for companies all over the world. Our YouTube video marketing specialists will assist you with all aspects of your company’s video creation, including:

  • Professional video script copywriting.
  • On-site shot consultation, design, and filming.
  • High-quality video production and publication
  • Video graphic creation


It’s insufficient just to upload your brand’s video on YouTube. If you wish people should discover your video, you have to optimize it before your competitors do! Like search engine optimization, YouTube video optimization wants you to perform keyword research and improve your video’s title, description, tags, and annotations.

A One Sol can help you create and optimize your company’s YouTube channel and videos. The design team of our YouTube marketing company can even set up branded channel art to modify your channel.


All online marketing can measure. In fact, at A-One Sol, we began as a trucking company, so our perspective on YouTube marketing, Facebook marketing (and marketing in general) is:


Since working in 2010, we’ve helped many business owners stamp out unsuccessful advertising by setting proper tracking in place, stacking up to their marketing performance and effectiveness, finding their true cost-per-lead, and zeroing in on which channels generate the greatest ROI.


YouTube comes with a larger adult audience than any other social media platform, and unlike television, however, you can target your ad only to your particular audience. Also, if you already utilize Google AdWords, we will connect YouTube advertising straight to your AdWords account.

When it comes to selection, a great many YouTube advertising options are out there, and our video marketing experts can help you determine what’s going to be the most cost-effective for your brand:

  • TrueView In-Display Video Ads – These videos are advertised next to the YouTube videos; however, your recordings don’t play automatically. Google only starts to charge money from your AdWords account when your audience clicks on the video’s thumbnail and starts to watch it.
  • In-Stream Video Ads – Undoubtedly, these ads are cheap, costing around $0.06 per view. If you get 2,000 views, you might only charge 100 bucks. Though, you can pick out between skippable and non-skippable ads.
  • Overlay In-Video Ads – There is no difference between overlay In-Video Ads and AdWords text ads, as the headlines and descriptions are the same numbers of characters. Meanwhile, they show up in YouTube videos. However, these types of ads are not video ads; they are only displayed in videos.
  • Remarketing Video Advertising – Remarketing lets you target those who have already watched your recording on YouTube or the Google Display Network.

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Why Choose A One Sol Over Other SEO Companies?

At A One Sol, we let our clients just speak for us. Look at our SEO reviews and hear directly from our clients why we are the best SEO company worldwide for your needs. Most importantly, everything A One Sol does comes from the perspective of a business owner. We work for your business like it’s our own.

Done that? Great! Let’s get a load of the details. Our SEO professionals can offer you a few guarantees other SEO agencies can’t:

  • WE WON’T ALLOW YOU TO WORRY ABOUT LONG-TERM CONTRACTS. We won’t put you in chains for a specific period. Ever.
  • YOU MUST OWN EVERY SINGLE DELIVERABLE, FROM YOUR WEBSITE TO EVEN YOUR CONTENT. Many SEO agencies wouldn’t allow you to keep your work when you say goodbye. Not us.
  • YOU’LL BOOST YOUR MARKETING COSTS. Whatever we do is tracked, measured, and closely analyzed for betterment. This does lower your costs and lift results.
  • YOU GET THE PEACE OF MIND THAT WE WILL MAKE EVERY EFFORT FOR YOU. SEO is a long-term investment; this is why our SEO Specialists believe in building partnerships rather than acquiring clients.
  • YOU GET A DEDICATED ACCOUNT MANAGER to your best guidance, and you also get a support team, including an analyst, web designer/developer, and a dedicated (US-based) copywriter.
  • YOU GET DETAILED MONTHLY REPORTS (you can understand) that attach search engine optimization performance to your bottom line.

What Clients Think About Us? Read More 

I hired this company to do my website; One Sol did an amazing job boosting my search rankings on Google. My web traffic is up, and they are bringing real customers into my store.

John David Lead Manager

“In my history of working with SEO agencies, I can honestly say that there is not one company that I’ve ever worked with that has better service than A One Sol.”

Angelina Johnson Sales Manager

A One Sol has provided me with such a great quality service that I refer to all of the business.

Usman Akbar Doctor Blog 

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