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 Microsoft Advertising is launching a new feature that will give advertisers the go-ahead to confidently test campaign changes.

The features aptly named “Experiments”:

“Sometimes it’s unclear whether a new strategy, a new configuration, or a new proposal is right for you. The global implementation experience allows us to test this move confidently.”

This experiment provides an environment for monitoring changes when creating duplicate campaign versions.

Microsoft Advertisers can see changes across campaigns without checking for changes. This allows you to run actual A / B tests to determine the impact of a specific update.

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Here are some examples of some of the changes you can test in your experiment:

  • Ad text: Try multiple messages and call an action from your ad.
  • Landing page website: Make sure that other landing pages can improve performance.
  • Strategy and rate modifiers: Try another bid adjustment, or assign a percentage of your campaign budget to a smart bid strategy.

To get started, go to the Experience tab on the Campaigns page. Then select the campaign you want to experiment with.

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You can determine the structure of your experiment by choosing your experiment’s name, start date, and end date.

This is the percentage of your daily budget and ad traffic for the original campaign you’re willing to spend on this experience.

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It is better to have a sufficient amount and determine 50% of your total experience for a better comparison.

The “Experience Status” column indicates whether it is configured correctly.

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