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 LinkedIn comes up with a list of the top 10 followed pages with insight into what other pages need to learn from them.

Not surprisingly, the overall growth of an indexed page seems to be one of LinkedIn’s significant marketing efforts. But what makes Linked Intime-consuming and noteworthy?

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Let’s first look at the ten most exciting pages and what they share on LinkedIn.

  1. TED conference (12.5 million followers): This page contains videos, articles and pictures dedicated to intelligent, entrepreneurial leadership.
  2. Google (10.1 million followers): The new content includes social responsibility, innovation and corporate culture programs.
  3. Amazon (8.6 million followers): This page gives subscribers a complete overview of business events, customer profiles, interview methods and more.
  4. LinkedIn (8.2 million followers): LinkedIn’s pages contain useful content for employees, employers and job seekers.
  5. Microsoft (7.8 million followers): Content includes business articles and content created by employees and executives.
  6. IBM (6.4 million followers): The company also pays attention to its employees, emphasizing team innovation.
  7. Unilever (6.2 million followers): Content includes short videos, colour photo collages, and business graphics.
  8. Nestlé (6 Million followers): The content is intended to recruit and recruit staff by promoting their corporate culture and career.
  9. Accenture (4.4 million followers): The content includes links to short videos and new podcasts.
  10. Facebook (4.4 million followers): Content focused on professional development and career opportunities.

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What Do You Learn from These LinkedIn Pages?

The following is a summary of the common topics of the ten most-visited LinkedIn pages:

  • All of these pages have original video content.
  • These companies proposed social responsibility initiatives.
  • Most of the most successful companies have demonstrated the diversity of their corporate culture.
  • Many companies demonstrate their capabilities and improve employee voice.
  • Here you will find creative and interesting ways to showcase your innovations.

While the number of subscribers is important, these are examples of content types where LinkedIn users can get more responses.

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