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 Google brought out a new developer document with the basics of JavaScript SEO.

Martin Split and Lizzy Harvey from Google wrote the guide. Split became a reference for links to JavaScript SEO and recently released a series of videos on this topic.

This guide describes what a series of videos includes and how to index Google content into JavaScript SEO.

As mentioned above, these are text-based. Search engine optimization is the same as getting indexed content from Google.

The following is a summary of the information in the guide.

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What does the guide contain? JavaScript SEO.

This tutorial begins with three phases of working with JavaScript content: analysis, presentation, and indexing.

The guide contains some simple tips for making JavaScript content compatible with Google.

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These tips include:

  • Unique titles and snippets: JavaScript can edit meta descriptions and titles.
  • Write compatible code: To ensure your code is compatible with Googlebot, follow Google’s instructions for solving JavaScript SEO problems.
  • HTTP status codes: Use an explicit status code to tell Googlebot whether to crawl or index the page or if the page has moved to a new URL.
  • Be careful when using the meta-robot code: Google warns that using JavaScript to change the meta tag for robots may not work correctly. If you want to change the contents of the robot meta tag using JavaScript, do not set the value of the meta tag to “noindex”.
  • Lazy-loading: to save bandwidth and improve performance, lazy loading is used only for downloading images when viewing them.

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