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 Google has overhauled the image search results on the desktop to deliver more context when previewing images.

When an image is selected, it opens on the bottom panel. See the following examples:

A new group allows the user to see more information about the picture when it is transparent in other results.

Users can continue to select photos and view them on the front panel without losing their position in the search results.

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In addition to changing the user interface, users can quickly access other image services during the preview.

More background images – Image Search Results

Now users can get more information about models in Google Images.

For example, when you select a product image, Google Images displays detailed information such as type, price, availability, and comments.

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In the appropriate image section, Google automatically adds text under each thumbnail.

Google said this change could increase links:

“Forretailers and publishers, this new trend also means that people will visit thesite for more information, helping them drive or buy products. Your website.“

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This update is now online and allows you to search for Google images on your desktop.


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